Friday, September 28, 2012

Evil eye, ugly people.

I don’t believe in evil eyes, karma, superstitions stuff, and old wife tales at all. These are crap, and nothing else. And I ain't that low life   who   is jealous of others.  In the nut shell I am quite happy in my own (fool's) paradise.

On the other hand   I  felt few things  lately in my real life too, but did not gave much attention to them. My  tawakkul, (trust) in Allah  is more stronger than the concept of evil eyes. If he has to bless me then no human can jinx it.

 Then  couple of days ago I was discussing  my financial and other  problem with some one, who is quite a spiritual, told me  about the notion of  evil eyes.

She advised not  to show off much. (Oh, I forgot to tell ya, I am a big show off too, even if I have zilch, I show  it off). She said you are having these  problems because of the evil eyes. And  she  advised  not to dishing out about my self  is the only way to keep things safe, esp my  success. Don't share neither happiness, nor problems with everyone, because everyone is not your well wisher. There are few people who are jealous with you.

 She explained  there are few sad asses who want to  destroy others blessing because it was not given to them in the first place. They do this with their glance...........look. This jealousy is in their soul. They grew up like that. Maybe they play on happy, but inside their heart want more, and one can never  finds out what is in others heart, so better keep your things  bottled.

OK, yes, I know there are always some who are jealous of me, will always be....Sorry I can't help them.

 So many times I have  been targeted by others for being too smart. I know I am crying out but this is true. They  do create problems, but this evil eye thingy is too much for me. How could some one be that   rottenly powerful   that his or  her look can  cause  misfortune to other human ?

 And if there is  Allah (God)  to  protect me then he will protect me from these peeps and their negative energies. And how come  evil eyes can beat fate? Is there no Allah (God) ?

But after listening to the details I am about to mull over  there is no Allah (God) to protect me.  Human's evil eyes are stronger.

 God forbid, I hope I am totally wrong, and due to my problem I  am feeling this week, will snap out soon.

  OK, I tell ya what if I have any problem with anyone around me  I have guts to knock on her face, and ask " You got any problem, may I help you?"

 ( Oh, yes they are mostly females with whom I don't get alone with, men are quite wrap around my finger.  No  beef with them).

 And If I have a  cheerful  personality like people say, or I am smart and popular  it is just because I have been hard yakking on my self.  And there is no pride in it. I just don't not waste my time in crying why she is so popular among people, or why she has this or that ? I see others success, stuff I appreciate them and try to be good like them. That is it.

Why this is so hard for others ?

And there are so many things I still don't have in my life............. material wise, still I don't care about it. I don't cry.  I freaking love my self, most of the time cheerful, sometimes super hyper, and always in an airy fairy world. So I don't give  damn to others, their I phones, gadgets, dresses,  and blah blah. I also gossip a lot . This is quite a  best way to get off chest anything  or anyone bothering you.

This attitude has also  made me a go getter. I go and grab what I want. I like any guy, want to flirt with him. I just go and hit him.

Just take this, my younger sister is about to get married, OK. Every one is giving me wired look, and asking am I OK?

 Are they OK?

 Why would I be sad. It is her decision, and when my time will come I will tie a knot too. You know, like they are thinking maybe I be sad or something , because she is getting married before me. NO, I am not sad.

 Then what much can I show off when I have zilch. OK, yeah I do bak bak............... talking, but these talking are mostly about my self only. I am not those, tight lip peep. I have my own so many gossips to dish out. You will always find me in cheerful, in chatting mood, no matter what the hell going on in my personal life.

 I knew that one should not  mess up with broken hearts, sad peeps because  their curse (ahh) will bear on.

 Oh, C-mom !

 I am also very broken heat, but I never do ahhhh that it cause others problem. I also have problems, but I can't complain. wah. If someone mess up with me I let that person go, just cause he/ she is sad?

 This jealousy is a disease. And jealous people faces are ugly.


  1. Jealousy is an evil of humanity !!!

  2. What a great post Izdiher, you cover such important issues but in a way which is so good to read. The evil eye can only effect us if we allow it to for our energies are as strong if not stronger than it.

  3. jealousy is a sickness, an internal one. and it sure gets the job done if the job is to RUIN..

  4. Don't let jealousy or envy or anger ruin your day. Be always happy and pretty! Nice weekend!

  5. Such strong and intense words Izdiher. Just continue being yourself and stay happy. Lots of love and salam.

    1. Oooppss..this is actually me Izdiher. I was logged in my brother's gmail.

  6. The path to happiness is to live in harmony with your environment and to be grateful for what you have. Jealousy leads no where.

  7. We need more post like this.. no matter what you have or what you don't have.. the Lord always gives us just what we need in order to sustain ourselves. That is something to always be proud of!!

  8. I don't believe in evil eyes either.

  9. People who are jealous just know that they will never achieve what you achieved. So instead of trying they are mean and jealous... Well... Humans pfff...

  10. Love this post! <3 you are right my dear!

  11. While I don't believe in the evil eye, I do believe in certain energies that people evoke. This may not stem from jealousy, envy, or hate, but a lack of goodness or impure intentions. I certainly get a bad vibe from people sometimes and I know it's because they're jealous, but there's something deeper.

  12. Jealousy is a disease of the inside. All we can hope is that the ones who have get it cured.

  13. ...I like your point about not worrying about Evil Eye or anything 'cause God (Allah) will protect you. That's real faith! My sister insists on making my home "Feng Shui" (or however you spell it)--Chinese myth--putting weird things in weird places, little mirrors everywhere, etc. I tolerate it b/c she's my sister. But if she asks I will say, "I have no worries because Jesus is with me."

  14. How did I miss this post? I want to read them all, you are such a good writer. (That is not BS, OK?--grin!).

    I also do not believe in power from an "evil eye". However, I DO believe in the power of positive and negative, how someone who is depressed can bring another "down the hill" with them. POSITIVE outlook, behavior, thought, can permeate itself into all the surroundings, and affect even animals, growing things.

    Here is my new MANTRA: I do not KNOW anything! But I BELIEVE in everything!

    PEACE and JOY in your life, my Friend, Izdiher!