Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 This is a guest post, written by  CapnAux.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
—Edmund Burke, 1797

People of Islam, you are being duped.  You, the masses of normally pious, peace-loving Muslims, are being manipulated into performing the violent, dirty work of radicals among you.  And everyone—Muslim, Christian, Jew—are suffering for it.

I am referring to the massive protests against America (the United States), springing up across the Middle East, from Tunisia to Iran.

All over a vicious lie. 

The video that has sparked the protests, “Innocence of Muslims,” has been used as an excuse to storm U.S. embassies around the world, and has resulted in several brutal murders, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, a true friend of the Libyan people and an innocent man who probably didn’t even know the movie existed.  Coincidentally or not, the protest and murders began on the 12th anniversary of the senseless slaughter of 3,000 innocent civilians by extremist Al Qaeda terrorists.

The film has been denounced by U.S. President Obama as vile and disgusting.  Americans who have seen it agree.  (I have seen clips of it, and can tell you it is a stupid, silly movie that should be ignored.)  Nevertheless, the lie that the United States somehow had something to do with it continues to circulate, and foment more misplaced anger and violence.

Many of you are angry that our president refuses to “apologize” for it.  How can you apologize for something you didn’t do?  Should I demand an apology from Izdiher, a Pakistani Muslim, for Ambassador Stevens’ murder?  Of course not!  She had nothing to do with it.

Nor did the U.S. government have anything to do with this deplorable film.

We in the United States cherish our individual Freedom.  We are free to worship God without fear.  We are free to PEACEFULLY protest against the government without reprisal, free to stand up against injustice, and free to engage in dialogue with those that disagree with us.  As a result, we have forged stronger bonds, wiser laws, and a more prosperous union, allowing people of vast cultural differences and values to live side by side as neighbors and friends, not enemies.

Freedom, however, is a double-edged sword.  It allows stupid whackos to do stupid things—like make stupid movies—even though the vast majority of the population is disgusted by them.  But, as we say, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”  Violent protests, murdering innocent civilians, and chanting “Death to America!”, does nothing but injure your cause and besmirch your peaceful Muslim faith.  As Izdiher has said in this very blog, sadly, these violent protests are proving Islam’s critics right.

Nevertheless, I see a tiny ray of hope.  In Syria, and in other Middle Eastern countries, small counter-protests have formed.  Muslims have come out denouncing the violence and apologizing for their fellow countrymens’ behavior.  These brave souls risk “martyrdom” by the very same violent countrymen for whom they are apologizing.  In that very act, I see the solution to our world’s horrific problems . . .

The United States has welcomed the “Arab Spring” that has thrown off dictators and ushered in new democratic governments run by the People—an amazing movement that parallels our own history.  We applaud this momentous event, and stand ready to offer billions of dollars in economic and humanitarian aid as you to taste for yourselves the delicious delicacies of Freedom and Democracy.  Your countries and cultures will flourish from it!  But why would we help those who deliberately murder our citizens?

YOU, the reader, hold the key.  YOU have more power than all the might of the United States.  If you truly desire world peace, if you truly believe that Islam is a peace-loving faith (and I believe it is), you MUST overcome those that would hijack your peaceful Q’uran to justify violent destruction and the murder of innocents in the name of Allah.

No doubt, you have legitimate grievances against America’s policies and actions.  But the making of this film is NOT one of them.  So I invite you to PEACEFULLY protest for your cause . . . and then come together and DISCUSS our differences.

That is the ONLY way we can forge a better, safer, more peaceful world for ourselves and our children.

Eric Auxier


  1. this topic have really become widespread and I stand also to my principle of RESPECT.

    I am a Christian but I never dared stepping on one's own beliefs..yes we have our own freedom of expressing ourselves but we should also have the responsibility of not letting it HURT people..still in the end it will be our own decision to make.

    For me I respect each person regardless of whatever Religion they are in because each of us are Equal in His eyes!

  2. Great words. I can't think of anything more to add.

  3. AMEN!!!! I think we need to share this post with everyone!! Lets get this out there!!

  4. Waw really great to hear this! I really have the same opinion. Why do humans always need to use violence when they don't get what they want or when they're upset with something...

  5. Very nicely said. I have had some interesting discussions with some of my Saudi friends and students regarding this. Most were friendly, a few became heated. One of the recurring themes that came up though, was that after explaining that American's were free to do this, even if it wasn't a good idea or very nice thing to do...they said "you have too much freedom". "Your country should control your people and not let them insult other people, especially the one true God". A similar thought came up once before when my co-workers found out I was getting divorced: they all said "you should control your women". I have tried and tried to explain that for true freedom to work, we have to relinquish a little bit of the control, and that we have to allow ourselves to be a little offended sometimes. But it just doesn't seem to make sense over here, which is giving me an interesting perspective.

    Then again, I can't get half of the Americans I talk to understand the concept of freedom...everybody seems to wants to ban everything they personally don't like!

    1. Fascinating, Geoff!

      "Too much freedom...control your women..."

      It is simply mind-boggling to Westerners that people would actually chose to LIMIT individual freedom! And sadly I agree: Americans are often happy with freedom, as long as everyone else agrees with THEM, LOL!

  6. A brave and truthful post. I have faith in the new generation and I have a feeling that they feel "enough is enough" and everybody wishes to live in peace where they can develop their fullest potential and give a better future to the next generation .

    1. I am thinking you are right! Even in America, young upcoming Christians are having a change of heart and really coming around to true love and acceptance of others. Very encouraging!

  7. Hopefully this incident will mellow down soon. The war-hungry in America are not going to make this any better. I had to listen and read many of their false comments about the subject already.

    Like some believing Obama apologized for it (Mitt Romney got blasted by the media for thinkg this was true), and believing war is necessary since this was a mob attack not one done by the Libyan government.

    Is peace hard to ask for?

    1. Well not sure I agree with you that there are "war-hungry" in America; more like "war-weary!"

      It may irk you to hear our contrary opinions, but also I disagree that they are "false comments."

      I also don't like Obama running around "apologizing" to the world for U.S. policies and actions that we believe have been in our best interest. Sorry!

      BUT...here's the disagreement between us that we can TALK about and work toward our common goals and interests over, instead of name-calling, rock-throwing and vilifying!

  8. This is a great guest post. I am an American Muslim and from what I have seen of the movie, it made me sick but everyone has their own opinions. I do have some friends around the world, but they are the ones who understand that America as a whole can not be blamed for someone such as this person who made this movie. Here is America there has been tons of movies made to insult many of the prophets, but I have never seen anyone get so outraged that they went and killed someone in a governmental position for it.

    Do I agree completely with our government? No, but I do believe that the American citizens are trying their best to live the best they can. Only a few really crave war and it is usually those few who turn into someone that shoots up a school or anywhere. Even though it is not public worldwide knowledge, there are a lot of acts of terrorism that happen here in our own homeland. There are plenty of things that I am scared to do just because of what happens. Do I wish that other countries could have more of the freedoms that we have? Yes, but with that comes more good and bad. Maybe one day we will all be able to come together and seek some kind of peace, God willing, but until then I am going to stand up for my rights and my beliefs just as I hope everyone else does.

    1. I have to politely disagree with you about both school shooters and a lot of acts of terrorism.

      School shooters fit an entirely different psych profile and are rarely motivated by world wide events. And except for the occasional fanatic that bombs an abortion clinic or targets an abortion doctor, or the occasional group that targets animal research facilities I can't think of many actual documented incidents of "terrorism" on American soil.

      I only mention these points because as a History buff and trained responder who worked for DoD and has spent the last 10 years prepared to respond to these events, I've found that the actual occurrence of such are for the most part greatly exaggerated and rumors that are spread by internet prove to be false so often. There have however been a few racially motivated crimes/murders and crimes against homosexuals that have been classified as hate crimes, but the actual occurrence of those are also greatly exaggerated.

  9. Never seen the movie, but really don't need to, because there will always be opportunities for mindless violence (irrespective of spiritual or political beliefs) for there are always those who would do so, specifically because it is mindless. As the saying goes, "The first victim of war is the truth!". Perhaps there are two "victims" here, truth and reason.

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