Friday, September 21, 2012

Nation wide shutdown

Today is nation wide shutdown  in the protest of that anti Islamic movie.  There will be more rallies and protest. I just watched Prime minster's speech at  Yaum-i-Ishq-i-Rasool's conference..something on telly. Pakistan is first Islamic country who took such stand at government level. Cell phone services are unavailable for 24 hr, due to fear of  any terrorist attack. Youtube has been  already banned.

Good step. This will sure cool  down the anger. And opposition and religious parties will not pen government for doing nothing.

Yesterday students, lawyers, traders, gays..........did rallies all over country. Things in Karachi was peaceful because they did not go to US consulate. Just in Islamabad's  cops did not let 1,000 student to enter diplomatic enslaves  to do protest in front of American embassy. Things got violent. Every where people do protest in front of embassies. They do so to register their protest.

Any way. Super security for US peep.

What if after this year such type of new insult pop up again.

It will.

Haters are gonna hate. This blasphemy  issue can't  be solve with rallies, strikes, and banning. There must be some law.

Geoff asked me yesterday why are Muslims getting so upset about a stupid movie? he further said " I know its not "nice" to insult the prophet, but its not nice to murder American diplomats and burn our flags and our embassies. Why do they think they can tell a free citizen in a free country what to do?"

I told him this is our love for our prophet ( peace be upon him) who is more dear to us than our own self and  our parents. I know world can't understand this love.Then I asked will you put up if someone say a ill things about   Jesus ( peace be upon him). He said, "Jesus is constantly being made fun of, the Jews think he was just a man, I have no problem with that. Jesus does not need ME, who is just a man to defend him.

Right ! So I did not say  anything more to him

On the other hand I am totally agree with him on getting violent.

 I never  blame USA  for anything. We are more responsible to your mess. I always say we let them do that. If  US is  our enemy then she is playing just a perfect game.

Just wondering, how much we are advertising  America  24/ 7 for free. It's on every where. Just tune on telly, every show, and news is about it. US is getting on my nerve.Urg. It is just an other Ok, well  .....hmm developed country. Why giving that much attention to her.


  1. No cellphones today. No Youtube.
    It's a good step though, even if one thinks about it outside the terms of the reason due to which this step was taken. We get to do something productive :D

    And yes, a group protesting is their way of getting their voice heard. It only happens when one's voice is not listened to and the frustration builds up.

    But, resorting to violence is never an answer. That is for sure.

    All that the Muslims want is that a movie disrespecting their Prophet (PBUH) and their religion be removed.

  2. Be careful and stay safe, my friend. Praying for peace and safety~

  3. first and foremost, stay safe Ifrah! Secondly, there's so many different mixed emotions. I know how I feel, so I can only imagine how you must feel. What's happened is absolutely terrible.. and I know you're right, it wont ever stop.. as long as there's so much hatred but one can pray, right? That's what I'm doing. I'm praying that this dies down.. things settle. The violence will end and so will all this hatred which fuels it all. I hope people see the error of their ways before it's too late.. Please stay safe.. and keep us informed of what's going on there. let us know you're safe.

  4. I am still annoyed at what happened - I hope that the Muslims will only demonstrate peacefully this time!

  5. I hope Pakistan has a safe and peaceful status while this thing mellows down.

  6. keep safe and may you be well guided as you go through everything...

  7. I don't understand the purpose of violence today. People could still protest without violence!

  8. Actually...although you quoted me left out the last part. You asked me how I would feel about an Insult to Jesus, I replied that Jesus didn't need me to defend him. Neither does God.

    As to Muslims living in the West, the BBC just did an interview with a Muslim Gentleman in New York who urged us all to be patient and said that Muslims who live in the West are 100% against the protests, but that Muslims who have never been to the West just can't understand that in the West, the Government doesn't need to give permission for a movie to be made. That they have lived with violence and dictators for so long, they just don't understand the concept of freedom. He was being kind and genuine, but I gathered that he had very little or no respect for Muslims over here. He described them like angry children who don't know any better. I doubt his words will calm anybody.

  9. I just wish Arabs around the world would realize that they are being duped. America is NOT behind this movie, which is only an advertisement and not a real movie at all. This is just a tool being used by extremists to make Arabs angry by thinking Americans are disrespecting their prophet. Trust me: we aren't. As I understand it, this film was made by an Egyptian. But it doesn't matter. America will NEVER censor movies or books or anything else. Our Constitution forbids it. And don't you think terrorists know this?

    1. Actually...I HATE to admit it, but one of the reasons that I'm so strongly in favor of free speech is that America has in the past (and even today occasionally) censored movies and books. Some have been challenged in court, and there is rarely a legal basis for it, but organizations who receive federal and state funding have been known to ban and edit books. Some that I can think of off the top of my head were Jack London (for fears of Communism) and JD Salinger (moral grounds). Recently someone got the great idea to remove the first part of Jim's name in Mark Twain's Adventurers of Huckleberry Finn. It seems that we like to tell the story of how we were always a peaceful and enlightened culture.

  10. wow... didnt know that it is really serious in there.. i hope you and your fam are safe...

  11. Hope everything will turn out right as soon as possible! Stay safe!

  12. It's not the first time I've heard of this issue. And I do pray for you and your country.

  13. American government continues to reject the contents of the devilish film, yet it doesn't seem convinced enough to procced with amending the "free speech laws" to ban blaphemy of religions in any form.
    Unless the UN take an appropriate action to criminalize the blasphemy, the opportunists would continue to satisfy their vested interests.
    But, French magazine on Wednesday has also published cotemptuous cartoons of the beloved prophet.
    In fact, the religion of Islam is a peaceful religion (a true word of God Almighty), which protects all religions by guiding towards the real real real truth.
    But, the anti-Islamists are interested to show "Islam is not religion of peace" as the Muslims behaviour touches the extremes when aroused.
    Therefore, the "anti-Islam activists" have always been designing ways to construct hatred against Islam, as it's the fastest growing DEEN (religion).

  14. Hopefully things calmed down a bit :/ It's just really stupid to act with violence because they're proving them right when they do act violent :(

  15. I watched the scens of violence on the news-it was heartbreaking. I think in a Muslim country Pakistanis do have a right to protest but only peacefully, yknow march wit hbanner- make your opinions heard. The Grand Sheikh here i, Saudi has asked people not tot watch the clip, and just ignore- that is the best way to deal with the West- ignore stop advertising and giving that hateful movie free publicity and views. We need to rise above the bait, otherwise we ae playing into the hands of our enemies who are provoking us and want to get this violent reaction so that we look bad in front of the world- and it seems reaosonable to malign Islam and Muslims.
    I also feel that the opposition parties in Pakistan or other extremist elemets took unfair advantage of the situation and the government and police should have seen it's not like it the first time.

    There is also in a boycott of youtube going on voluntarily in Arab coutnires so that youtube removes the fil,- let's hope it works.

    We need to find other more contructive ways, and an international law preventing the abuse all religions would be very effective in promting the peace- although I doubt its going to happen in the near future.

    The first time the Danish published the cartoons, there was a boycott of Danish products in Saudi, and recall ofthe ambassador( you would be surprised at how many Danish products mainly dairy are imported here) so there was an apology made when the country felt and economic impact.

    Muslim countires have first develop themeselves so that they are a force to be reckoned and use their economic power to negoitiate such stuff it can be done...inshallah

  16. People all around the world are becoming intolerant. We are heading towards massive destruction. There is no need for some meteoroid to hit earth. Before long we would be killing each other for the sake of one thing or the other. That's that! End of humanity...

  17. I pray for your safety. The best way to show our protest is to increase our closeness to God. But the way we are behaving does not reflect that at all.

  18. Izdiher, I love your posts and attitude, but I disagree with you: they should NOT "make a law" against this type of thing. We have a saying here: "you can't legislate stupidity!" As mentioned here earlier, Muslims who've never experienced the true FREEDOM we have out West can't conceive of it.

    As for the violent protests, Geoff nailed it. God and his prophets don't need man to defend Themselves. As a Christian, I am pained when I hear Jesus mocked and blasphemed. But I TRUST IN GOD to work on that poor soul's heart until he sees the light! In my eyes, Muslims are showing a LACK of faith in Allah by doing this!

    Politically, it's played into the hands of the violent Al Qaeda terrorists who would make this world a smoking ruin, and sadly all of Pakistan has fallen for it...and the producer of the film is jumping for joy as well! Misha has it right. PEACEFUL protests and BOYCOTS are the way to do it!

    As I said in my post here last week, this is a horridly-produced, low budget movie. I actually am a co-owner of an Indie film production company, and we would be EMBARASSED to put out such 3rd rate, amateurish junk! How sad the Muslim world has chosen to help make this go VIRAL instead of rightly ignoring it--and thus let it fall away into the dung heap, where it belongs!

    Lastly, I say again: the Middle East has lots to complain about to the U.S.--BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!