Saturday, September 22, 2012

What a joke.

  The protest against anti-islamic movie on Friday was horrible.Whole world saw how crazy  we are.

Same kinda rallies took place in KL, Dhaka and some other Muslim countries, nothing bad happened over there. Even over there poor, rich, women, man children  ...all were out, but notice that in Pakistan only men were out. They  were mostly looters. Normal average Pakistanis were inside their homes.

That so called goody, goody,  good shareef people never speak up. Time when they are needed most, they prefer to close their eyes, and  zip their lips.  

Cities were on the mercy of looters.

 Almost around 26 died, and  200 injured in that riot.

People looted shoppes, restaurants, cinemas, and banks and then burnt it.

Railway Minster Bilour announces   $1000,000  bounty on  that  film maker.

Why not fix railway with that money, he has ruined.

Seriously, Pakistani people really really  need a classes. 


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  2. It’s thought provoking for the sleepy bums indeed.
    On top of that the shameless rulers let the looting and kasooting happen.
    It seems as if the Sardar is still active with kick backs (percentage).
    The looters and anti Islamists hijacked the rally.
    Administrative paralysis and poor governance is responsible.
    For God sake, let the nation inhale sigh of relief at least.
    *************Please cc this one to the Presidency and Raja rental.**********

  3. It is nothing to do with religion, it is all an excuse for those who don't care to take an advantage of the situation. This type of thing has happened in many countries.

  4. Sad indeed, Izdiher! Wish the peace returns!

  5. and they think they support Islam this sad!

  6. Really sad that they react like that... They prove the media and public opinion right. At least protest with dignity and do something good to prove them wrong...

  7. All of us are very angry, but we must always reflects on what the Prophet taught. He himself, when he was alive, was taunted, insulted, humiliated and Umar Al-Khattab would always ask his permission to slay the person who insulted him. Rasulullah would always prevented him from doing so. All this people always have ulterior motives.

  8. Its really bad how we Muslims reacted over it when we could have done it in a calm manner!

  9. Like when one knows another's soft spots and weaknesses and the reactions that follow suit if they're touched.. I call that Motive. But then again, why oh why it should always be sooo predictable from both sides?

  10. it's sad to see this , if you want others to do something don't kill . pakistani people can make diffrent positive way about this, killing and swearing not the right way !
    about the railway here we have also the worst one but who care about us let us die , so what if we are rich rich rich country.

  11. Amazing how they went out to protest against the enemies of Islam and commit atrocities themselves. Subhanallaah, may Allah show them the right path.
    peace inshaallaah , peace for our souls and the mind frame to censure our acts before we commit.

  12. But the truth is, we ourselves criticize much and go ahead and actually do something much less.

  13. Very sad! I am praying for peace. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I am so happy you are safe from all the insanity! I found several very good articles explaining what's going on:

    Not saying I agree with all that's said in them, but they make some very good points about what's going on, why, and why we in the U.S. feel the way we do about Freedom of Speech. :-)

  15. It's scary. I do pray for you and your country at this time...