Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whatever !

All is well.

I was real worried about something personal, but now all is  well.

 Had a lunch with co-workers. They asked me to get curry, though my mood was freaking off  I took Pepsi with me. It was more sorta one dish party, like everyone has to bring something with them. In these types of  parties, I mostly take Spaghetti with me. This time around, one Jumbo Pepsi was enough.

I  also got my lenses...finally. They are daily wear, like for 6 to 8 hr. But I am not gonna use them daily, only for occasions.

Day before yesterday, we had to attended a cousins wedding's reception. It was in North Nazimabad, but due to protest, yeah ...yeah for that  anti Islamic movie and riot in Sharah-e-Fasial, my father said, no need to go. Me, mom and bro were going only by bus.  Well, it was not that massive. Just in S-e-F. And NN is pretty far way from it. We missed his wedding reception. Anyway, called them  in the noon. They said only we and one other family did not show up, other wise everyone was there.

It's all my bro's fault. He is lazy, otherwise, this is Karachi, which never stop.

Now you see this. There is some tension since yesterday. One religious party worker  shot down last night, then in the reaction  they have called for strike tomorrow. Undecided.

In Karachi only MQM's strike is successful. They do it with iron fist. Then in evening  there was  a blast at Hydri. 6 died, around 10 injured. Yesterday there was hand grenade blast in my area. Thanks heaven no death.  I reckon one day Karachi will  cry it's ass  out.

But still life is on. People here don't want top stop  living. This political unrest is here since 1992. And have became a part of Karachi. After every other 2-3 weeks, there is some new drama.

I called Miss A to asked whether there is school tomorrow or not. She said yes, and no. Mean to say, I have to go, and if there will be something wrong, then they will pack in. I want it to be off. Actually could not get the print of Mazar-e Qauid, and Faisal Masjid. My USB had packed up, man. Now you tell me how do I get it in  print.

She sure is gonna whack me. Already saying I don't talk in English with kids (this is her new issue).
Is she kidding me ???????????

I do !!!

" Sit down, stand up."
" Make a line,  walk in a line"
" Do this. Stop, right there."
 " Where is your work book? Why he is coloring your  drawing sheet?"
 " Are you eating her lunch ?"
" Since when you were otta class?:

What is all this ? If not English then not Persian either.  So she is totally on my case. I do talk in English. If kids are not getting it then this is not my problem. My English is super cool. You just have to ignore the grammar.  Otherwise are you  kidding me ??????????? Most of the time you will find me saying Whatever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then my point is English is not their mother tongue, neither mine. So many kids in my class are Sindhi  and Balochi speaking, and Urdu is there second lingo. Many can't speak proper Urdu.  For peter's sake, it's so cruel. Kid looks at me with empty face when I say something to them in English.

At this age they shoulda have right to speak in his/her mother tongue. But these ingrez ki awladein will never understand. They think this will make them look cool. You know what, it  is also so weird talking with an other Pakistani in English. I can't keep straight face.

Have you noticed, parliaments mostly address in English. President of Pakistan addressed the nation in English at his . Holy crap ! Nothing could be illiterate  then this. Was he addressing to 14 core Pakistani in which only few can understood  him or he was talking to some one else. When Turk president visited us, he spoke  in our Parliament in  Turkish, does that mean he can't speak English ?

You know, no matter who many languages you pick up. When it  comes to cursing and counting, you will be doing it  in your language. You feel comfortable in it.
Just suppose I have to say  "dog" somewhere or call some one "bloody bastard."
 Will this be effective?
I don't think so. There will be no love in it. I will better  say Kutay or Kameenay.

OK, I do agree with you. English is an important language, but not that important that we confuse small kids. One should learn it properly, and not just for the sake of passing exams. It must be compulsory from 6th grade. Basic education should be in their language, so they could understand better. Dilemma of third world is that for so long British and goray ruled us. This mentality of speaking English is still here. They feel they are only cool kids in the block, and others are paindu.

How dare you ?

I know lotta peep from Urdu , and Sindhi medium with very impeccable English. How did they learn? Of course by themselves, and books.  So my kids  will also learn gradually, I hope.

I will talk with them in it.


See ya soon.


  1. LOL, loved it. The biggest problem I have with my students is that they somehow passed English class! And they do "know English"...Floor, Door, Car, Truck, Roof, house, teacher, absent, no absent, bullshit, and some others...Its when I say it in a sentence with adjectives, and such that I get some funny looks. "I fell to the floor when the car door hit me"...That sentence just went right over their heads!

    Just remember, the more languages they speak, the more choices and power they'll have later. The American 99% has forgotten that, but the 1% still requires their kids to learn at least one other and usually 2 or 3 other languages. Its one of the ways they remain the 1%...I'm trying, but Arabic is hard. My Spanish is getting better though, at least as good as it can on CD and computer.

    I hope this means you're personal problem is resolved? I did come up with a few ideas if not...

    Oh well, talk later...whatever!

  2. Oh, how insignificant my issues become. I road rage if someone has a flat tire and the traffic is backed up and it takes 10 minutes longer than normal to get to work. I really should be thankful I don't deal with riots and grenades. You call if they having school because of riots and explosions. We call off school if there is 2" of snow.

    I am one of those Americans that know only one language, english. Other languages were not stressed in school when I went like they are now. More people in the US are learning other languages now but I think mostly it is Spanish. I know enough spanish for when we go on vacation in Mexico, "dos cerveza por favor?" (Two beers, please) Bano? BANO!!! (restroom) That's abut all I need at eh resort on the beach. LOL

    Have a good day and take care of yourself.

  3. I like reading about your experiences with your students. My childhood friends are all school teaches and therefore, I can identify with this issue of "talk to kids in proper English" :))
    And about violence,killings and bombings, although I would not like to reveal the name of that place, I too was born and bought up in a place similar to yours...only since 3 years, after getting married, we shifted to a different place, so we are at peace now but my parents are daily facing this kind of a situation.
    take care,

  4. Well, dear.. If someone ~ the same person keeps picking on you, it shows that you're actually very good. :) Super Cool. Go Rock The School...!

  5. oh man. so much stuff going on! makes me feel lucky that all I have to deal with is readings after readings for university.
    Good luck! (And your english isn't half bad! but you do sound really strict with the kids haha)

    mad love,
    Nancy :)

  6. LOL! Nice and funny post!
    Sometimes I also think why do we have to speak English all the time!

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  8. It is just as well you speak English or your blog could never be the same...... Sadly I speak only English, I know it is a great vanity. When I was at School other languages were never included other than a little bit of French for the "clever" classes. Now you can guess how much French I got.......... :)


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  10. Karachi =( </3
    I just wish all this would end some day, just a day with peace in Khi. Even though 'Peace' sounds more like a myth now.
    Oh and you're an english teacher ?! Ummmmm.. why don't you join an English course or something ? The Urdu/sindhi kids will learn just by your linguistics. Just saying :)

  11. XOXO, Happy Wednesday pretty lady.

  12. Yes, just like you, kids will learn gradually. You don't have to force them : )

  13. I do hear you out on this post and i do understand how frustrating it is... but i still find it fun and comical reading your sentiments... you always put a humor in your every word... I like very much... Yes English is important... it's not about being cool and hip but it's your key to enter the vast world around you.... hence English is the universal language :)


  14. So glad "all is well." And be safe!!!! I hope you have a great week! :)

  15. i guess English is ok as long as the one ur talking to pretty well has a clue how to understand the language, not necessarily how to speak it. :) nice to hear all is well with you now....

  16. I've been seeing all the chaos due to the anti-Islamic movie on tv. I do wish that you'd stay safe even with all the riots going on at your place <3

    I am happy that I am able to communicate in English. Because if I'm not able to, then I wouldn't be able to connect with other bloggers from other parts of the globe.

    Take care, dear. :-)

  17. I love that you speak and write in English. I wish more children here would embrace other languages and learn them. It is sad with all the riots going on. I am sending prayers your way! Thank you for sharing!