Saturday, October 13, 2012

Correction, please !

I was reading few articles on Malala Youfus Zai where I found one thing wrong. They all are saying  Taliban  attached here because she was secular and  western .

For their information, she is a true Muslimah and a true Jihadi (struggling against evil __Taliban). Any one who struggle for right thing, and evilness is Jihadi.

She is the one who is struggling  to spread the right message of Islam. It is Islam which says education is COMPULSORY for each and every men and women. 

She is Pakhtuun, who are hard core fundamentalist Muslims. So calling her secular and western is totally wrong.

Taliban are illiterate, stinky bunch of shatans, working on god knows whoes ganeda.

There is another thing. Just few days a go Imran Khan did a peace really against  drone attacks. It is looking like someone is  proving that Taliban/terrorist are still in up north so these drone attacks are just a right thing to do.  If this is right them she has became victim of this.


  1. They just said that because its easier to have someone to blame for the things they don't like. "It was the influence of the West! Thats why she is bad!" Saying that is easier than saying she had an intelligent, articulate argument and a bunch of stinky, knucle-dragging, mouth breathers didn't like it.

    You better be carefully girly, we don't want these idiots coming after you!

  2. AMEN!! Well said!!! They use the Quaran to serve their own egos' their own evil, backwards, and cowardly thoughts! What fools! They are truly evil beings.. and they will face their judgement someday. I pray that more and more people see who's really at fault for spreading all this hatred.. and furthermore, the ones that believe that Muslims' are to blame, need to think again! This is not the Islamic way..

  3. Thanks for the update Izdiher.

  4. These men don't have a clue of what Islam means, they terrorise the world and accuse people, cause it's easy.
    As defending the right values near them is seen as an act of rebellion and means death..........where is the world going with empty minds like these ones.

    Take care Izdiher. xx

  5. I couldn't say much here for lack of info but I continue to pray for her.