Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lets do BBQ

It's a last day of festival, and last day of holiday. Almost all animal has been sacrificed. From tomorrow everyone will be back to work. As you know I was so suicidal this time. I did nothing much. I did not even kill me. Just watched T.V and 3 flopped Indian movies. ' Joker', 'Manu' and 'Teri Meri Kahaani.'

What ever ..all three were damn bakwas and dabba movies. I though TMK will be at least watchable, hell no, it was so slow.

Yesterday Sona is saying that  Student of the year was is total entertainment, full of designer cloths, hot gals n guys, foot taping music and full time pass. She has seen it, man!

She  had seen Berfi as well. There was time when  I also used to watch every latest one. Gone those days since I moved here. So many time I have told my cable operator to show good movies yar, but na baba na, kan per ju nahi rangti.

Meanwhile Betahy bethay I sketch Indian Dvia eyes. (Yeah pretty carp, picked up pencil after some zillion years).

Also  did henna tattoo. No one can understand the design, I know.   NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND ME EITHER !

Don't understand it ! Designs are not expected to understand wasy bhi!

I told my bro to do BBQ, but he will do will his friends.

There is lots of meat our neighbor gave us. Like, OK right, you don't know. Wasy you remembered last Eid, two months ago ? it was small one. This was big one. People sacrifice animal...goat, sheep, cow and camels in the name of Allah, and dived the meet in three part. 1 for themselves, 1 for neighbors and relatives, and last one for charity.

If one can not afford, no sweat. it's not obligatory either.

So our neighbor send us a lot, and on one in this house if found of eating it. Only me and Ammi ( my mom). My siblings only eats shami kabab type thing once in a blue moon, and papa don't touch red meet at all due to his health issue.

This means only two people is here to chow down, but how much we two will eat?
BBQ is  a good idea.


  1. I think my jaw has suffered some cramps due to loads of beef..

  2. Can't understand the design but still good.

  3. I watched Barfi too! Awesome movie!!! :))
    Love your henna design! One doesn't have to understand to fall in love with it! :)
    I hate red meat..

  4. You can try watching English Vinglish ... It's one of the best movies I have come across !!!

  5. i think its some sort of abstract or tribal design haha and that sure pretty tough to understand tough awesome looking

  6. I live in the home of Texas barbque, and my husband loves to make it. so I understand what you are going through. I love your henna work~

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  8. Haha! Indeed BBQ is a good idea! :D

  9. You should take pictures of the festivities. xo

  10. I know a few guys who don't touch red meat

  11. Belated Happy Eid to you! I love the design on the hand. It looks awesome!

    You've got a lot to eat. If I were there, I'd love to join you for the BBQ. :)

  12. Hope you enjoyed the BBQ. And the designs are good! :)

  13. I have to confess, I am a huge meat eater. I love chicken too! I could never survive on just salads or vegetables or pasta. I need my meat. Bwahahaha! And there's no better way to prepare it than on the BBQ. Mmmm Mmmm. Hope you enjoyed your BBQ, I know i would have.
    By the way... quite alarming to read that you were suicidal. I do hope that things have gotten better for you.

  14. Awww.. I Love u <3 And I must say your mehendi design is just awesome.. How I wish I could make this kinda mehendi from you on my palms.. :( And the sketch is pretty too dear..

    Yes watch "Student of the year" if all u expect is entertainment and watch "Barfi" if u wanna shed so many tears with a smile :)

  15. Never, ever, change my dear. Not your thoughts or thinking, and not your henna designs. And I already told you I liked the design. You'd be a good tattoo person.

    My favorite line from that post was "I did nothing much, I did not even kill me". I hate it when I feel that way.

  16. Teri Meri Kahaani Rocked but my Henna wasn't that good and no animal to slaughter(Chicken all the way).

    Eid Mubarak!!!