Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Superstition and all that jazz.

Superstition is all myth and nothing else. Old wife tales have no meaning in today’s world. Something bad or good  will  happen at any cost whether a black cat  crosses  your path or not .

 Despite the fact that I live in a Muslim majority country and Islam have no place for such dumb ass stuff however people believe in these crap.

 For God sake it is 2012. Think with logic. How can a hiccup means your grave is reducing in size or someone is  thinking of you? Blaming every failure to evil eyes shows  you are a total loser and can’t do anything.

 What I have figured out  people  have uncertainty and fears. So many bad things happen to them socially and economically and  they  want answers why this or that happened to them, right ? So they associated their failure with these things. And in back days there were no research, and much eduction, people believed them with out question, and passed it on.

 Like one of my neighbor never takes her nose pin off (here having a nose pierced is  sign of being married in south Asian culture). I asked her to do so, so I could do her facial properly she said her first husband died because she  don’t used to wear it  or took proper care of it. Now she is married again,  happy by the grace of God and have fear to take it off will bring bad luck to her. She can't go for broke.

 I said nothing more to hurt her.

Having a man is a south Asian's women need. She can't afford to lose her husband. Single mom can hardly survive.

Some very common  superstition in my  country are:

1. If you hiccup, it means your grave is reducing in size or someone is  thinking of you at that movement.

2. Never call one back when the person is leaving the house.

3. If a black cat cross in front of you, it’s bad luck.

4. Don’t drink milk after eating fish, it  will cause Virgilio.

5. Opening the scissors and closing it without a reason causes fights at home.

6. If there is itching on  palm you are gonna  get some money in future.

7.  Dogs and cat crying  is a bad sign .

8.:  Crow's caw means  guest will come.

9. The most stupid one is when people says someone have done magic on you.

10. Upside down slippers/ shoes  are bad sign. 

11. Cat as pet can curse her owner to go blind so she could drink all the milk.

12. ( This is for gals only) Don't go out   with your hairs open esp after sun has been set, ghot will get you something.

13. (This is also for gals) Don't take shower in your menses days. 

There are hundreds of them which make no sense too me.

Like there is also no scientific prove whether Virgilio is really caused by drinking milk after eating fish, or  hiccuping   means your grave is reducing in size or someone is  thinking of you at that movement. What if a  dog o r a cat is crying for  hunger and pain.

One of my aunty was too good in  sewing. I used to love her stuff. There was always scissors, ribbons, laces,  unstitched clothes  clothes in her room, and  making dresses for my doll, from those left over clothes were my fav past time at her place, but she always used to warn me " don't play with  scissors, your mom and dad will fight."

My mom and dad used to fight all the time, so I knew that she was saying that for my safety, as we all know  scissors are dangerous for kids.

This, cat as pet cursing  her owner to go blind so she could drink all the milk is also a total myth. People actually don't let kids to have pets for many reason, so have have spreed this rumors about poor animals.


  1. we do have such superstitions as well...
    they believe on number 3 and 6 here.

    and i think cats do cry when they are mating.. lol

  2. Might even pass a series of urban legends, ya? ;)

  3. we do have such thingss too.. but, no shower in menses days? ough!

  4. yes this all stupid thought, which people believes. some times i also tried that number 8, guest is coming or not, hahaha isn't is funny?

  5. I thin superstitions are part of every culture. I don't think I've heard of half of these

  6. Aren't religions nothing more than superstition and myth too?

  7. My mom believes in a bunch of weird superstitions as well. Mostly they're just entertaining to listen to :)

  8. I laughed at the dog and cat crying one. My brother's cat and dog whine so much (the dog is a puppy granted, and the cat is way too weak to play with the dog) that he'd be overdue for bad luck for the next thousand years.

  9. Wow, I was just talking about the scissor superstition with my friend today!
    I've heard of all the others too (except for no.13!) so crazy that people honestly believe in them.

  10. Very interesting Izdiher, I think the human race is by nature superstitious even when we know it is silly!

  11. my mom blames the house fengshui for every problem we've had since we've moved in =.=

  12. I'm not superstition very often, but I've been known to pick up a found penny for good luck.

  13. We have similar superstitions in the Middle East. They're products of our culture and ways of explaining events or catastrophes by blaming it on an something beyond us.

  14. All countries have superstitions - many take them seriously! In Uk it is bad luck to walk under ladders - the bad luck I see in that is if something falls from the top of the ladder onto you haha!

  15. OMG.. I can't imagine if my cats are cursing me to go blind! lol.. They don't even drink milk! hehehe..

  16. I busted out when I read this 4th point cos recently I have come across a friend of mine who refused to have fish cooked by me with so much of love due to this silly reason.. What is Virgilio BTW.. And cats are so affectionate.. i dun think de ll ever curse :(

  17. OMG great post! Fascinating to hear all the silly superstitions! Sad that some lead to bad treatment of people or animals though. Would like ot hear more!