Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Days without mobile phone.

Mobile phones are working once again.

  I should  have written this post just after the next day of my last post, though I  was busy with my crazy life.  Now everything is back to normal. I got some time, let me continue from where I left.

I was saying they just suspend  it on  some specific days,  like on religious holidays for security measures. It all started from this Eid. However, people here are quite understandable and managed somehow.  Or one  can do nothing else except  grinding his  teeth  in such situation.  We are getting used to it.

You know what, in reality, it just seems like sky will fall off or our world will collapse  if there will be no mobile phone.

 Believe me, nothing happens. And nothing will happen as you think. You can  easily survive a day or two without it. You were born without it. There were no where ten years ago. So what's a big deal !!

Overly attached mobile user ! Huh!

Hahaha ...sorry......I was pulling your legs. Ding dong. :D

 You may not believe it, I got mine just two months ago on public demand. Mean to say, everyone around me used to give me weird look, like I am some kinda Amish or  Dervish  in their world. "How come  you don't have a cellphone?"  was almost everyone's question. "Call me at my land line"..... I used to answer. "No, cell phones are more better."

 My point was when I have land line then what's the need of another kharcha. They  are not free stuff, right? OK.........just another extra karhcha.

"No one will remember you." Can you believe people have even told  that to me. Well,   those who want to remember me will remember me. They know very well how to contact me.

You can''t win with these people !

Finally, I have got one. Though  funny thing is that it serves more the purpose of  an alarm clock, a calender, a calculator, and FM radio rather than a phone. I hardly put money/ credit in it.LOL.

I am just telling you my story. No wonder,  it has totally changed the outlet of our way of communication. In this fast paced world no one has time to call on me. And there is another trend texting, which is quite cheap then regular calls.     You can run, you can hide but you can't escape my SMS !

people want me they know how to contact me.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2141169/The-biggest-phobia-world-Nomophobia--fear-mobile--affects-66-cent-us.html#ixzz2DRqJF9kN
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on FacebookPeople now over here prefer texting more than call actually. It is cheap.
Well, again there is nothing wrong in using  it either. This really brings people closer. I reckon people are more closed than before. Especially in my culture it is not just  helping so many romeo and Juliette in staying connected, people who were not able to make calls, now talk easily via texting in cheap rates. Even so many overseas calling plans.  Unlimited minutes are also here.

So what is wrong in it ? Stay connected. 

Just make sure you  hang it up while you are driving or talking to me. Talking to me is more importabt one.
  Oh yes, babe !   It  pisses  me off.

When I am talking with you  face to face, what on this earth you are texting ?
Look at me !  A hot chick is   in front of you and saying somethin' 

Turn this thing off !!!!!!!!!!
No I can't !
Give it to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Needless to say,  ignoring  me like this can be pretty dangerous than talking and driving.

Question : Can you turn your  mobile phone off  for one day ?


  1. Yep, I'm a bit like you I rarely use my mobile for what it's made for (I mostly use it as a camera). Most things can wait until I see the person and if it can't I generally send them an email.

  2. Asalamu alaikum, sorry been away reminiscing helping cook food for Hajji's. Yeah im one of those who can disappear and reappear when it comes to mobile phone, its defo not my world can actually live without it..What do I know.. Come have a read of "What Is Love?"

    Take Care

  3. Would you believe I don't own a mobile phone?

  4. I could turn mine off but my girlfriend would flip out.

  5. Very interesting....I guess.

    Cell phone

    Sure I could do without these things, but why?
    I can do without food, for 47 days (I did that) but why?
    I can hold my breath for 24 hours or more.
    But going to wait til I die
    (And do you ask me WHY?)

    OTOH...what good is mobile, if Peeps will not give their number?
    Talk to the wind and the sea!
    Solitare with myself and me.

    I'd much rather text, than chat,
    because text can be any time,
    and response can be any time--
    don't have to sit one place, and hope
    for another to come online
    WITH my phone I do everything.
    Wakes me up with loud "RING"...

    Again...glad that Pakistani Peeps have mobiles.
    The forefront of technology
    You even have nuclear stuff.
    WOW! Careful with that.

    I think it is my bed time--grin!!!!!

  6. Well I can but i wonder what things would my girlfriend nag me as soon as i open it haha

  7. Haha, you're like me. I'm lucky to call one person a month with my mobile. It usually only functions as a alarm clock and camera.

  8. Mobile phone started as "ayyashi" or "barbadi" or genuine convenience, but then it became a permanent necessity and addiction.

    For security reasons, it's a dangerous weapon and I think the "impotent government" did the right thing to protect the people during specific days of Muharram, yet the terrorits still seaped through and did the damage in DI khan and some other locations. Horrible stuff man!
    Thank God the loss of life remained limited.
    Land lines should be kept now for such scenarios in future till the terrorists are completed wiped out.

    *******have u visited my blog lately?

  9. Wow that would have been really tough but that's one reason I love traveling abroad - no cell service!

  10. Nice post =) NOOOO, I can't btw!!
    Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!

  11. Happy to hear that your phone is back to normal. I have issues with mine for the last 2 weeks.

  12. Turning off cellphones: like putting the ppl in a cage when lions attack.

  13. My cell phone is rarely turned off, but it's also rarely used. I only use it for calls if I'm not at home, but when I'm not at home I rarely make phone calls. Not even so sure why I have a cell phone.

    A Faraway View

  14. OMG..girl..after such Longggg time..How r u..and yes, the post is as usual awesome! I love reading your posts..
    well luckily I have an iPhone, so because of Viber & whatsapp kind of applications I dont mind unavailability of cellular networks signals..hehe..ab kr lo jo krna hy rehman chacha..we Pakistanis are now ADVANCED..LOLZ

  15. Wow that's insane! I can't imagine not having my phone for a day much less a week!

  16. I don't use my phone much either - just for emergency calls really. I hardly ever put any money on it really.

  17. I can't stay without my phone if I have any appointments. Otherwise it's not that difficult! Just a question of getting used to it ;)

  18. Sometimes I leave it in the house but since I use it for work, then it should be with me on weekdays. It's very rare that someone would call me on a weekend. But it's also true, I use mine more often to listen to music rather than sending SMS ;)