Monday, November 12, 2012

Last 4 years.

One  parent were about to call on to see me for their goody, goody good son, glad there is some kinda unrest and firing  in their area. They are not coming.


 I freaking love Karachi and all its riots.

I sometime wish one day whole Karachi shot down, and everyone die, yes everyone and his dog, expect me. Now I am gonna eat all the refreshment my mom made for them. By the way, she is quite angry. Constantly saying I ain't taking any interest in anything. Dunno what does that suppose to mean I ain't taking interest. I told her to take a nap. This might help her to mellow out.

( C'mom peeps, she is a desi mom/...............always stressed out)

I know .......this is just an exotic dream. Nothing could happened to this thug kinda rough city. If one parents could not make it today there will be someone else within a week. My mom has speed up this rista thing. I am not gonna complain about it. Because I know I am pretty much wrong about everything.

No complains. Life is sooo f**king goooddddddd. Though I have came to this conclusion that no matter what, grown up singles  should not live with with parents. They are not their responsibility. Actually no one is no ones responsibility. And culture, tradition, bla bla is all monkey shit.

If you are 20+ , happy living at your parents home then I am not talking about you. This is my blog, and  here I talk merely about myself, so no need to take anything at your heart, liver or balls. I am the one who live with parents. And  a total burden to them in every way.

OK, tell me..when I be death, and facing God  with my record sheet at the day of judgement, will my parents be answering in front of  God instead of me.


I will be own my own over there. 

Anyway, what I am trying to  say is that last 4 years were quite crazy for me.  I have some how  came out from my airy fairy world  I have been living in, and  accepted the reality. Dunno good or bad back then or I am better now, but I was different.

Right now the problem I am having is that I am God damn confused. There are things I am trying to figure  out so badly, but just becoming more confused and lost.  There were things I used to believe firmly, are truning out just wrong!

 But so sure about one thing before I was carefree, happy with everything, and everyone, now I hate EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE. And on the urge of becoming a rotten peep.

Max's episode  played another role in making things worst.
I was the one who was so desperate to grow up, be an adult and run away. At school I just study to get outta that jail  At high school I was pretty sure that is it. But hell, no this is a real life, not a fairy tale. My mom played an awesome role to bring me in to the reality. Her lectures and slaps  really helped me  out to realized what the hell  life really  is. Then at  university I was like Ok..this is life, get a degree, find a job and be a responsible adult.

Any how I have accepted  the reality. It is November 2012, right ?
 Huh.... 20113 is around the corner.    God help me!


  1. You are right, there comes a point when an adult child should want to be independent, but these days, so many have to live with parents to make ends meet, so it's kind of tough.

    Be careful with that rioting! That would scare me. You arevery brave~

  2. You've survived 4 years, dear.. Don't give up now.. You'll make it just fine.

  3. I love reading your posts, and life is like that, always changing but still always the same, it is just how we see it!

  4. true. we are the only one accountable for the results of our actions... :) you'll do just fine... best of luck. ^^,)

  5. well i also live with my parents i wanted to helped them before i move out of our house

  6. Hi! My piece of advice, don't be to harsh on yourself. Take things easy :) No matter what other people say and no matter what the society dicates, they will always be your parents will always be your family.

  7. LOL - I love how you told your mom to take a nap when she was stressed out. Good advice :)

  8. Beautiful and interesting blog

    Greetings from Polish

  9. There is a lot more things to explore even though it is in a window of 4 years.

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  11. I understand what you're saying.
    If you lived on your own you would feel better.

  12. Such an interesting post! So glad you appreciate what work your mum has done to bring you up.

  13. Do something. You're bored out of you're mind. Your going crazy not because of the crazy people around you, but because of the blandness around you. You reject the status quo in all that you do, and yet when it comes to having "a life", your trying to make yourself fit into the status quo.


    Go talk to a recruiter, get on a plane and go SOMEWHERE. Go teach somewhere else. Go see the world, go meet weird people. Go see weird customs and cultures. Come here and make lots of money for two years, go to Canada and make lots of friends for two years. Intelligence comes from books, wisdom comes from experience. Without experiences that challenge us and that are out of our comfort zone, we don't grow, we stagnate and in my experience, stagnation equals death-if not death of the body, then death of the mind and soul.

    **note** If you'd have told me 2 years ago that in November of 2012 some of my best friends would be Muslims, that I'd be divorced, living and working in Saudi, learning Arabic. That I'd be 20 lbs lighter, back in shape like I was in my twenties again, have flown across the Atlantic 4 times, visited the Pyramids, partied in Cairo, etc, etc...I'd have called the police. I'd have called them and told them you were a damn crazy loon, that none of that was even remotely likely to happen. But it did. You never know where your going to end up when you set out, but I can tell you where you'll be if you never do set out-right where you are.

  14. Dont think much.. Everything's gonna be alright :)

  15. Sorry but You being mean here saying that" I sometime wish one day whole Karachi shot down, and everyone die, yes everyone and his dog, expect me"
    I lost two members of my extended family during all this crap, Both of them very helping, humble, nice and down to earth. I don't know may be you're having the depression days but please just don't say stuff like that. It H.U.R.T.S, It really does.