Saturday, November 17, 2012


It"s been a week since I got  my  cartilage pierced. Almost healed.

OK, not completely, tad red,  but almost in a sense  that there is  no  more  pain. Not hurting like it was hurting in its first 2 days. I had to slept straight, because both cartilage are pierced so changing side   while sleeping is causing pain.

Good thing  it did not swell at all. I reckon it is  gonna take couple of week to be fully healed. There are different timing of healing for different piercing. Some times it take 2 weeks to 6 months. Actually my nose took some 5 to 6 months. Well, it  also depends on how you are taking care of it.

I used Polyfax ointment instantly after I got them.  My piercer advised me to use  mustard or coconut oil. Over here they usually  suggest that, though I am not much into desi totkas,  I have used   this ointment in my previous ones, and believe me, it  always worked.   So with pain killer on first two days and  Polyfax, you can survive with  any kinda piercing.

Also don't try to fuck  it so much, like fingering it and touching to know how it is, and don't try to move the stud, or ring for at least 3 days, after that it will be moving by it self. 

There are also some very good cleaning solutions  easily available in drug stores for cleaning them.  So use them !

I want on Helix, and on Tragus too, but not now. Right now, this is it. Now I have total six.
On both ear lobs, on  Conch, and this one on Cartilage.

 Being a Pakistani female, this ear, nose piercing is petty normal thing.

Till  my mom era nose pricing was just for married women. It was sign for them "she is married "and very  few unmarried used to have  them. However, now, almost every female  who is young adult has  her nose pierced.  It is more a fashion, and trend mixed with culture. In the rural area, there is no such married thing. You are a girl, you are pierced.


  1. Got both ears pierced when I was in primary school. Yeah, took me a week to heal.

  2. I have both my ears pierced and thats it.
    no more for me :D
    ❤I Diva❤

  3. I enjoyed every word of it.My ears are pierced too:p

  4. I've got my ears pierced and have been toying with the idea of cartilage piercing. Have to get brave enough, though-

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  6. I pierced my ears when I was 7 years old.. then they got infected, and then they closed up.. I never got my ears pierced again.. and I'm 27 now.. LOL!

    1. yeah same i had it when i was 7 but now i had it again after 10 years im 17 now!!!!! it but one of my ear lobes were partially open from front so it was not that painful but i cant sleep on sides at night in the first week

  7. I have double piercings on each of my ears. A little pain is fine because the ears look pretty. :D

  8. What you women won't do for fashion. And I think you must do this for other women because I don't know any men who are into multiple piercings other than maybe ears.

  9. Not for me piercings :) I've got only my ears pierced when I was litlle, to wear earrings that's all :)

  10. Standard Ear piercings are the only thing I have done or will have done!

  11. i pierced my ear myself i hurts a lot but i loved it

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  13. I have got my ears pierced at a very late age-when I was 23 or 24 and I wear a clip on nose ring sometimes just for the love of it as I have not pierced my nose. Thanks for sharing the info, I didn't know about the cultural significance of nose-piercing.

  14. Gah it's so painful when you forget and roll over on your side, isn't it?

  15. Wow it sounds like it was real painful. I have my ears pierced once and have no desire to pierce anything else.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. i have my ears pierced since young, but it bled for over a year back then... until now, i dare not to have a second piercing..

    Latest: Baby White is Camera Shy!

  17. i can tell it's painful...i opt not to...i'm afraid of getting infections...:)


  18. i want a tongue ring..but im actually scared. hihi

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    Great blog!

  20. hello izdiher :)

    i got my piercings when i was 11 years old on both ear lobs. but the earrings fell off the next two years. now i don't have any piercing...hehe!

    thanks for coming to my blog :)

  21. Hi!

    I've seen my sister getting her ears pierced many, many years ago, quite scary to watch it at that time because I was still a little boy. Hope your ears will heal soon.

  22. Interesting read, Izdiher! The trend of piercing has become a fashion rage now:)

  23. ive been away from blogspot for quite a long time now,though im back but would like to tell you that your blog was the one thing i missed alot!
    interesting as ever. :)

  24. Very interesting to read this :)
    I have ten piercings.... 6 in my left ear and 4 in my right ear :)
    Thank you so much for wanting to follow my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment :) It means a lot to me... of course I have followed you back :)

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  26. I have 2 on my loby area... On both sides... And 1 on top cartilage... So total 6...i went for tge cartilage piercings for like 5 days ago... And i also put on polyfax... And m fine with it

  27. i got a bump inside my nose it is not healing m worried about it plzzz tell me something...i am appltapp polyfex on it but no use...