Thursday, November 15, 2012

Port Grand  & KFC

Just eating Maggie noddles and waiting for my friend to confirm whether were are going for lunch  this Saturday or not. If she will confirm it is lunch then  I  ain't going.  Will  stay at home and watch some movie.

Everytime they make plans for EATING OUT  !!!!!!!!
 I have no issue, but I have  issue. I don't wanna go out for eating all the  time.
Going out with friends is always fun, but always going out for lunch and dinner is becoming boring for me. There are lots of places in Karachi were one  can go and have good time, but now people think going to Port Grand type places will make them " Cool'

What is so good about Port Grand ???????
 It's an overly expensive food street for rich people at Karachi port.
Go there, eat and come back !

And, another most beloved place KEC.

I laugh my ass off when people suggests KFC !  Seriously, when every some one say these there alphabets   K - F -C,   you know what comes to my mind
 "" Dating point for middle  and upper class Karachities """"



  1. Wow. Never realized that KFC is a point for upper classes there.

  2. well i prefer to eat at home still but whenever i go out we look for the cheapest food chain just to have some snack cause for sure i'll eat at our home as well

  3. KFC? Are you serious? It's just a fast food outlet where there are lots of families with screaming children. I'd rather eat at home. Yes Izdiher, I agree with you!