Friday, November 23, 2012

This happens only in Pakistan

Cellular phone services are still suspended. Well it is not bugging me much. I am alive without it. I was alive without it   in the past too.  Just wondering how could  suspending cellular  phone services and Oh yeah, banning on  two people on  motorcycles as well   in few cities, on specific days  is not gonna let terrorist to do what ever they want to do.

 How come  cellular phones and motor bikes are prime reason of spreading  terrorism in Pakistan ? And banning them is  really a solution to solve such type of serious stuff ? I am really not getting to whom they are kidding. Instead  making  efforts and doing something sound  to root out this  cancer.of terroism, they are giving stupid remedies.

Saying that they the bomb attacks in the past were  detonated by mobile phones and  terrorist are on bikes is still not making sense. 

This shia Muslim killing is going on from so long. In Gilgit area, terrorist are killing shia peeps after checking their  ID cards,  whenever they want, for no reason.  In Quttea there is  some how same kinda trend.  Haraza community peeps are scared to death. Today in the  morning  there was a blast in  Dera Ismail Khan.  There were  three terror attacks on two Imambargahs, in Karachi and later in Rawalpindi, same day !!( 22nd Nov)

 Despite of all that  epic fail  security measures,  the most funny dude who came up this amazing idea ....THE REHAMN MALIK  is so proud and  saying
" No incidents took place in Quetta when the mobile services were blocked and motorcycle riding was banned on Muharram 1 "
Wow........ !

Ok ..good !

It seems like there is only Muharam 1. What about other days when mobile services will be  on. Those above mentioned attacked happened on those days. And is there only Muharam 1...... 7, 9 and 10? what about  Muharam  2,3,4,5,6,11,12..............30. This is a whole month for shia Muslim. There will be processions and their stuff, in their masjd, imambargah etc etc . I dunno much about them, but as much I know they are gonna do this for whole month.

It just clearly shows that there is no will to solve this. No one is  finding  and treating  the root cause. The concerned authorities reckon banning everything will automatically wipe out every  shit.

Then Jai Ho !!!!!!
Keep it up !


  1. That's very sad.. I think they're desperately trying to keep these sort of things from happening every which way they can.. The amount of desperation represents how bad these terrorist attacks are getting.. I pray that this senseless fighting will end, I don't understand why they're killing their own people.. They're evil.. I pray for you and your family and for everyone else there that have been effected by these terrorist attacks. I pray for peace.

  2. Unfortunately terrorists sometimes prey on people who are having a seriously bad time i.e. may be alone in the world, and offer them a place in their community. The "kindness" (by kindness I mean they let them into their lives, become what seems like friends to them and maybe give them food, drinks and shelter etc) shown by the terrorists to these people causes these people to try to be part of the group and join in believing whatever they're being told causing them to become terrorists. This is not always the case but it can certainly lead to it. I'm in no way an expert in this field but I've heard someone say something along those lines before... I think it may have been on TV (and of course we should believe everything we see on TV ;P). Unfortunately I don't think there will ever be a day in the world where there are no terrorists (unless the world ends).

  3. Banning cell phones and motorcycles to control terrorism sounds like an odd way to go.

  4. I, too, don't see how that would help, although I would hope, since they've done it, it will do some good, somehow. Be safe, my friend~

  5. it happens only in pakistan.AGreeeee!!:p...i wonder what would happen if you become president you might kill all of them by your wrath!keep with it!:D...

  6. well i condemned terrorism but i guess complete block out in cellular services was a little bit too much we can all experience our own emegencies and when those time comes cellphones are most accessible device to have some help

  7. Oh wow, I think you are amazing to be able to live without cellphone service. I don't think I can do that! Anyway I hope everyone is safe and sound at wherever they are.

    Bloggers Against Social Injustice

    See you soon at backtofive! :D

  8. I would like to see them do this one day here in America. I would love to see people flip out since there's a great deal of the population hooked to their cellphone.

  9. Hahhaa!! yeah Rehman Malik sure knows how to ruin our lives!! I wish Pakistan's conditions would improve!! Do follow me at another Pakistani like u !!

  10. No cellphone service? That's pathetic! I would be on rampage by now.
    Goodluck and I hope it gets sorted soon <3


  11. My mother used to pour boiling water on outdoor anta. True, she killed some, but there were always millions more...never enough hot water.

    Some govts pour hot water (pay large sums of money) to rid themselves of enemy, but there is always another or more enemy out there. AND TELEPHONES. Funny, cutting off one road of connection, but leaving dozens other roads with free passage.

    I LIKE ants! We might learn Soooo much from observing their "culture". They always helping one another, ya know. Anyway, God/Allah made them also! And for good reason, no doubt, although do not ask ME the reason--grin!!!!

    Ifrah, you are a good reporter on the news, not as you see it, but as it IS!

  12. Wow... I can't believe they banned cells and motor bikes to prevent terrorism...sounds like a weird way to go..

  13. Sad, Izdiher that we live in a world on such a short fuse!