Friday, December 7, 2012


Few days ago I just told someone  Gangnam style song is over rated,  in my eyes. I even gave reason, which I wouldn't give here.  However, what the hell did  I say wrong?  I really did not like it THAT much. It is OK, nice, fun song...that is it.

People are really becoming  touche..........if you say something about their beloved t.v show, movie, song (e.g : harry potter, twilight, big bang theory)  they will consider it a pan, and take it directly to their hearts, lungs or livers,   will go in the corner and start crying. Many will have  a crack at you. Some might climb over you. That is  way they are.

Though things get difficult when you are  talking  further in detail  with these strange fans. So damn hard. They just want you to nod and rabbit on every over rated stuff the like.

There is one thing called " catching on." And everything can't be caught on every one.   Just because GS song  couldn't catch on me, doesn't mean I'm  a cruel person in this entire world. Huh !

First of all they are just t.v shows and movies, and song....... why so serious about them ?
And saying that " she ain't convinced " is more stupid.  What is to convinced me  about it? Second of all how can you LOVE harry porter and twilight is sooo  primary school, kids stuff.

Third of all...every thing is not panning !
Try to chilll !

 Who has that much time to pan about these stuff ? 


  1. You're right - why so serious?? Also, I like how you included The Big Bang Theory up there with Harry Potter and Twilight :)

  2. Never got the appeal of gangnam style

  3. lmfao. That's hilarious. but I mean, if I can say I *love* something, why shouldn't you be allowed to say that you don't like it? haha



  4. I never liked that Gangnam Style song. I don't know what the thing in it that is making the people go crazy about it.

    1. I think they're laughing at him and his nerdy dancing.

  5. Ha ha ... why take something seriously when it's not our creation? :-P

  6. Gangnam style = one hit wonder. lol it's fun and entertaining. I guess Psy is just 1 lucky guy because I know theres a lot of others ppl can sing/dance better and have better songs... :)


  7. The committee in my head meets regularly--every minute-on-the-minute. And they have a saying:


    Of course, that is ONE minute--the next minute they have agreed to behead anybody who does not agree with them.

    I would like to fire my committee--grin!

  8. I don't like Gangnam Style and Twilight. but I love Harry Potter.

    I'm an Anime lover and most people around me said I'm too old for Anime. Well, I don't care about that. I just chill. haha :)

  9. yeah i guess so it was kinda over rated
    but still with the impact that it made it somehow made me proud to be asian

  10. XD Gangnam trend should be over by now...

  11. It hurts their soul because they feel that anyone who hates it thinks that their choices are stupid. When someone rrreeeallt loves something, just let them be happy in their stupid bless :]

  12. I agree with your point, I wasn't really into the gangnam song eihter.. I actually feel annoyed when I hear people talk about it. Everyone has their own taste, like I would have to disagree with you about Harry Potter being childish because that was my childhood as I grew up with it. Sometimes we're just too quick to judge things and other people, for example I would never have thought I'll be such a comic book fan and now I see why so many people love spiderman etc.

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  13. Yes, maybe over-rated, sooner or later, it will be forgotten.. I do not take it so seriously're right! Chill!

  14. I have missed reading your posts. Big :)

  15. I guess this gangnam style song was for a bit of good fun. It entertained us for a while but I'm sure there will be many more like this to come and thrill for a season. We should all respect each other's point of views and debate when necessary and also know when to agree to disagree too.

  16. Nothing wrong with that song though. I enjoy it however I never expected to get that big. That is not anyones cup of tea. Same thing happening to my FB post on how someone that I know asked who is the best rock group of all time, The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. That really caused a lot of talk and people were commenting about it back and forth and some took it very seriously. People have preferences too.

  17. Yeah, we should try to be cool as much as possible so that we could think clearly and avoid fights.

  18. I like this post, awesome! And by the way, what is Gangnam? Seriously, I don't even know of such a genre, and I hope that I won't be criticized for not knowing it :)

    I'm more into Heavy Metal music and I just don't care if people say bad things about Heavy Metal or even my favorite band as I have nothing to loose anyway. I just listen to the songs and that's it.

    I'm surprised I found someone who dislikes Harry Potter as it seems like the whole world loves it. I don't find anything interesting in it too, I could hardly watch them. I'm not against it's movies but it is just not my taste.

  19. Hmmm... I don't like Gangnam style either but I enjoy the beat. I watched only Harry Potter 1 and never got to the other chapters :P...hmmm I dig the Twilight stuff though ;)