Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let man be man, and woman be woman.


Today I'm gonna  talk   about war on men..... which is  saying today's men  are not taken in getting married, they  are becoming lazy, and guess what all blame is on the rise of feminism/ independent woman.

Before I talk further, let me clear you something, I ain't a feminist at all.  I love the way I am, I love the fact that I am a woman.  I never tried to compete with men, because  we are not for competition.

God made  man and woman from one soul,  for each other. Both are capable of  everything.  And no one can kick against it. However, we have differences too. We are assigned to do different  functions, different roles.  In some case they are smart, in some cases we, women are.  God  gave few things to him  for some purpose, and few to  us  for some  purpose. We are same, yet different, and this should be like that.

Though I did not like what they said about us. How could they say  women are not women any more ?

We were the one who were considered inferior. We took stand for ourselves, we stood up for our  rights,  respect, and equality, and and not only that we shared the burden, and sometimes took all on our own shoulders. We  never said we will become men and  to be saddled with everything on  our  own alone. We just asked for  equality.

According to that article we are the one who  are not letting them to do what they were  supposed to do. They are  pissed off at today's ultra smart, successful, and independent women. This is the  reason they are giving  of not getting married

You know  what, they really need  some good spanking, after that everything will be fine. Life has always been  so easy for them,  and now it is super easy, see how they are talking !

 Huh....So damn  clever !

 Please some one tell these lazy asses, if we women are not women anymore, then they too have  became just a  sperm donors!

What people misunderstood about that article is that they thought she was talking about inequality of men and women  in workforce, which is not the case. She talked about men and women roles in a family structure, and how it has changed over.

 So true.

 Not only that I also couldn't disagree where she said it is women lost.

If we see, it turned out  a zero sum game for us.  It is our lost, rather then theirs. They are still same, enjoying almost everything.  And since we  shared the burden, they  have become  more carefree and irresponsible. Now they are running away from taking responsibilities. So let them be what the hell they were !

The head of family.

Today's  women is super woman, no wonder. She is multitasking, without whining. Some earning more than men. Though call me old fashion,  it  is not  her  responsibility to run a family.  Technically, biologically  it is his  responsible to take care of his family, kids, dogs and everything !

You are the man, this is your family, this is your house, these are your kids__________ feed them, take care of them,  etc,  etc.  She  should only contribute.

I once heard somewhere  he should be the boss, and she  should be manager in the house. The logic behind is that in the structure of  any  institution, whether it is family, sate, army, school or office. There is also one head...a head of state, a head of school, a head of office, etc, etc. And this place better suites to man. Women are good in managing.

It not only make sense to me, I have seen this in my own home too,  and talking  from my own experience,  the whole scenario has just changed  into something not so good.

For so long my father was sole breadwinner of our family. Things were quite different. Then due to some health  problem he  had to packed in  his business, then my mom became our provider. He is unhappy. She is under pressure.  I don't  want to say anything  to those men who can't do. I know it's there  nature to do that.  When they can't do it dent their ego.  It had hurt my father so much. .

I  also meet many women who are supporting their families happily, and they is not much conflict________ doing perfectly well, balancing every act. I am just saying when there are man to do so, why we saddle our self so much. Burden should not be on her alone. It is called nature. Nature made us like that. If one  understand this  simple law of nature,  then the rest of the things will  become  so easy to cotton on.

And when we talk about equality then this financial burden should not be on one person only....not only on man either. It is also wrong that he only be a breadwinner of his family. I accept that. Only he earns, and other eat, is no way, especially in today's world.. So both should contribute, and I reckon those people who do that, they make   happy  families.


  1. I agree with your statement! Men and Women should contribute in family equally!

  2. You and I have already started this conversation, I have a lot of things to say on it, mostly jumbled. Since I'm still sick and tired and lazy, I'll say this: When I was married, my wife and I both worked. we split the bills according to income. I took some, she took others. Whatever was leftover from her check was her money, whatever was leftover from my check was family the hell does that work? I asked her once as I was signing for the bill at dinner, why if we both worked and both paid bills that when "we" wanted to go out, "my" account paid the tab. She said "shut up and act like a Gentleman". While these are funny examples, I think you'll find more and more men in their late 30's who tell you the exact same story.

  3. Love reading your entry this morning. I've thought about this for years now. I'm reminded of this when I speak with my bank for a loan, "since you are not the breadwinner of the family..." Although I have a masters degree and work a decent job, my wife brings more income home. During the first few years, her job took her traveling away from home. I took on the role of taking care of the household and our son--a challenging yet fulfilling role. Since her job took her away from home for weeks at a time, I made a personal decision to stay at my job--more because of it's flexibility. Recently, she's taken a different position at her job, which allows her a lot more time at home. The problem I face now is shaking the situation where I have become somewhat tightcasted at work. Although I have the educational background and experience, I can't seem to move up the career ladder. This is embarrassing because my machismo tells me that I should be the breadwinner. No doubt, this causes conflict in me, yet my wife is okay with the situation.

  4. Love your amazing and inspiring blog :)

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  5. You should have written the article instead of the actual author :-) as I have stated previously on a similar discussion marriage does not show the health of a relationship which therefore means getting married is not important to me... though I would one day like to be in a long term relationship i.e. be with someone I want to be with for the rest of my life

  6. A spanking. So true haha. :P
    I think no matter what we do sometimes, women always get the short end of the stick. We never REALLY won equality. Instead of being able to do the same work as men, for some strange reasons, we're always expected to keep house too. And THEN, they complain that "oh poor us men. Our manly egos can't take the fact that women who work hard can do the same work better then us". =.=
    So, my point of view? Men need to suck it up and stop acting like princesses.

    mad love,

  7. Man and woman each have a roleto play! Women are more thorough and methodical:)

  8. we men are women were always fair i mean the only difference they had was their genitals that's all

  9. yes totally agree with you :) well, we women are improving over the decades

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  10. I understand that a wife could work if she can - however sometimes especially with small children to look after it can be impossible! Everybodys situation is different and have to handle the siuations differently.

  11. Powerful one :) It's good that females are finally standing up for themselves.
    I loved the Sperm doner line :P

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  14. Well, I fought for women's rights when I was younger and I would still do that if need arises...I think the title is very apt and the points you've raised were well considered. I think what women need is to be empowered more than anything else.

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