Monday, January 28, 2013

How are you doing today ?

 Usually I stay at home in cold nights, but today I went out  for a walk after dinner with Ami (my mom).

 I also went out for shopping with her as well a couple of days ago, and according to her soon I will go broke. What can I say to her, she is my mom, and mostly right. I agree that I may go broke pretty soon but this has nothing to do with the way I shop. 

This money thing is my big problem. I literally can't save money  And I don't wanna do that either. In the end of the month, I am empty hand, and tension free. All my life I saw my parents laying aside each and every penny ( for us). And the result ??????

Well, how knows when I will have my family, I  be like them, and saving each and every penny. But not right now. The more I spend, the more I feel better. Wasy bhi son't we desi say paisy   haat ka mail hai." Money is just a dirt of one's hand."   Dunno the logic  behind this desi saying, I reckon it means it will come and go. Something like that .WTF. I just can't do it.  I don't know what the hell I am gonna do with my life in coming year. 

 I can't tell ya what we talked about while walking, but  all I  will  say is that  it was more sorta weekly dose.

Curry I cooked for dinner was so  pani........ means watery something in English. I even used Shaan Curry Masla Packet, and followed  the procedure step by step without doing anything  into the mix.

OK, I am gonna take this life seriously. I will not add   pani in   curry.

 Actually there  are so some things going one in my mind   Don't worry. Something   good.  So, I needed some damn alone time to clear so  things from my mind.  But I was with her. She had to buy something from Bobby Mart. No big deal.

Now  I am here, sitting in front of my PC,  trying so desperately to write ( actually blurt out) something,  one part of me is  not letting me to do so.  And most probably blogging  needs peace of mind Even when I am angry I have my peace of mind. Maybe because I am not an angry person. Whatever. Lets talk about you.

How are ya doing ?

P/s : I am hearing pretty nice reviews about Race 2. Has anyone caught  it yet ?


  1. Nooooo, I hope you get back to your open blogging style again soon.
    I kinda fainted today... so yeah that was pretty cool

  2. Haven't heard from you in a while. Glad things are alright.

  3. I guess we've been missing you, dear.. Hope you'll get the answer to your serious thinking soon.. ^_^ curry sometimes meant to be a lil bit too pani.

  4. Yes, there's a lot of us who like to read whatever is on you mind. "come back" any time. We like your ideas--never stop impressing us with them. How to do that? Just keep on being who you are!

  5. Yup. Me, too. When I am a bit angry, Peeps know it...but they do NOT know that inside I am completely at peace...Even myself does not understand this. I know YOU know what I mean, Izdiher!

    Nice little rant about your conversing with mother. Sounds so typical. One day YOU will be the mother hopefully NOT doing the same words with your daughter...but...well, we never know.

  6. I am good too ! Send some cold here. Dubai is the same now HOT

  7. well glad to know you're doing fine
    its been a while since your last post

  8. Blogging is a reflection of us - you make something when cooking that is not as good as usual, it of course means things are happening that are deep...this is something that happens to all of us. This is life - each of us express ourselve differently, but the same. Perhaps my post this morning was for you.

  9. Glad to see your post...
    Well,i am figuring out how to smile?!:p...they say you just have to stretch your it so bdw?

  10. Just nice to see you blog Izdiher, it does require a peace of mind to do so, it is also though very nice to share.

  11. Oh my Dear , to be young again. lol
    I share your desire to spend money. Young girls do that.
    When I was young I always worked part time but I had no money for things like clothes.
    My money went on school gas food books.
    Life was good because you could enjoy
    life and breath and friends and thinking about a bright future.
    Then you marry and life continues like a whirlwind.
    You have children and your money all goes there. Then you pay for their
    projects and athletics and bills and taxes.
    There just never seems to be enough for you and the special things you would like to do.

    My advice is to save money, don't rush to marry, enjoy your life while you can so when you finally do decide to marry
    you will have a small nest egg to keep for yourself and no one else.
    Treasure it and let it grow in a bank. One day it might come in handy.

  12. Is this a season of displeasure? I am being all whiny, tactless, disappointed these days so I am blaming it on the cold weather. Whenever I read your posts my mood was lightened by your somewhat carefree style of looking at things. I am hoping for summers to come soon. I don't want my mind to be frozen any longer.
    You bear with so many things Iz! I hope the best for you.

  13. now a days m just stuck with my studies*thesis :( so there is nothing much to do more things now a days :)

  14. im great. though pretty busy with work. so miss the blogging world so i try to check in when i have time. :) it's hot in here...LOL

  15. Yes shopping does make us feel good and it is a lot of fun but just save a little of your money each week so that you still have some at the end of the will soon grow into some good savings for a special purchase or a rainy day. :-)
    xoxoxo ♡

  16. Hmmm... I do save money eventhough I don't have a family of my own... but I also spend some for myself and my parents and nieces.

    I think a good balance in everything is needed... not too thrifty nor too loose on money...

    I've also been keeping my peace for a while :) I hope you're doing well...

  17. im doing fine. thank you for droppin by early on my site.

    just think blog as your online diary.youll be able to write unlimited things about it

  18. better things will come! don't worry!

    would you like to follow each other?

  19. My dear friend,
    Time spent with Mum is always a beautiful thing (smile). Thank you for visiting my blog.

  20. I Hope that you are well.

    Nice to spend time with your mum.

    Take care of yourself.


  21. In the U.S., you would be called a "Shopaholic." Malls and shops LOVE YOU! They do everything they can to cultivate that "buy and you will be happy" myth. Just watch ANY commercial ever made!!

  22. I try to save, but it's hard to get where I want

  23. I'm still the same...trying to learn some new stuff...
    hope you're doing fine! take care!

  24. I spend liberally on gifts for others, i even gave twenty pounds to a homeless person at Christmas which did not seem like a waste, even though he might have spent it on booze.I hope he bought expensive booze lol, rather than ten cheap bottles.
    Who wants end up the richest old person. With mountains of money and no friends or family and no experiences to satisfy us as memories?

    Really i say 'living is best' so long as we do not hurt others.

  25. I used to save my money before until now but I the difference is I spend more than I save.. Oh my:l

  26. I always say...Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy. :) I did some shopping this past weekend and loved every minute of it!