Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earth Quake 2013 (Karachi).

Almost everyone was saying it was from God. Earth quakes are warnings.

Maybe. Who knows ?

I also felt so terrorized. Literary terrorized

It was  around 3:45 t0 4:00 pm, one of the hottest day, when  we had  EQ in Karachi. I was  napping. Actually when ever there is EQ, I ain't wake. Yeah it is like that..strange I know. Once , it was when I was in grad 9th, I didn't go to school that day,  at home sleeping, then last year at 1'o clock, night I was also sleeping.  But this time,  when it hit, my sis waked me up. I felt dizzy at first. Then floor beneth my feet started vibrating. That was when it dawn to me, world is gonna be end. And I started crying. My neighbor told us to recite ayat kareema, and first kamla.

She said earth will shake like that on Qayama.And this is just a trailer.

We also have one masjid  in our complex from where  Imam sahab started blaring Azan, and some other prayers, also asked us to  evecate the building.

I was hearing voices from outside. But despite all I did not panic. My sis packed her every important stuff, asked me to come with her, but I stay at home. Almost everyone was evacuating the building. I dunno know why I was unable to move.

Well, it was pretty strong. According to Geo news, its magnitude on Richter scale was 7.8 or 7.9 something. Nothing bad happened over here, thank God, because its epicenter was 86km (53 miles) from Iranian city of Khash, near Pakistan's border, but 40 something people has died in Iran and around 30 in Baluchistan . Dues to its magnitude  it was also  felt in India and UAE.


  1. and Bahrain and Qatar I heard :(

    Glad you are ok Izdi,

  2. Oh, I am so thankful you are safe, my friend! I worried and prayed for you when I heard of it. Be careful!

  3. that's a high intensity earthquake perhaps it's because it's too much heat nowadays

  4. Thank God you are safe. I know its scary Izdiher, but its always safe to evacuate the building during an EQ. Take care!

  5. I thought about you when I heard about this earthquake. I'm so glad you and your family are safe. Take care.

  6. Dear Izdiher,
    hope you and your family are well and safe.
    We are so weak compared to nature.
    Send you my love.
    Take care.

  7. I have been in a few earthquakes and usually I feel too scared to move. It seems that I can't think right at that time and then when it's over I remember. So very glad you are safe but sad for those who perished that were closer to the epicenter.

  8. I was having lunch when it struck...Everyone in our flat went out in the grounds and I started crying too!
    Thank God everyone of us was saved!

  9. m glad to know that u and ur family members are safe...

  10. Glad to know that you are safe dear Izzy.
    xoxoxo ♡