Sunday, April 14, 2013

Walk talk.

Today I have nothing much to do. It's Sunday and I am gonna relax and watch T.V all day. I even didn't get up early and went for a morning walk.

Well, those who don't know for them  I have started morning walk and feeling great. I bought flat pumps. Very comfortable and also cute. Actually I have to caught  tuk tuk from my stop which is just across main road, but unfortunately Tuk Tuk for my route are less in number. I have to change two. One from my stop and one from Jauher Moare.

Standing at my stop and calling out at every tuk tuk...samama ! samama ! It literately wastes my precious 15 minutes. This is pain in ass, nothing else. And on top of that becasue of changing two Tuk Tuk, I have to spend 20 rupees. Yes, every penny matters OK ? Now shut up and listen.  So I decided to walk till Jauhar stop and take only one Tuk Tuk from there to work, and save 10 rupees as well. Smart decision, I know !

But now everyone say,"I saw you walking" in such a strange way like they saw me  picking my nose. And what is wrong in picking one nose. It is a natural thing. Like no one on this earth has even picked up there nose out side their home.   Maybe they have never seen a bomb shell walking on a walking path. Phew !

Muck this walk talk. I didn't logged in to talk about it. I am pissed off.OK? Who and what is pissing me off at a moment is not that important. And I don't want to  sound lik  a mad woman, which I am sometimes, well OK most of the time. C'mon___everyone is like that, so stop rolling your eyes.

This is pretty normal with me, you know. And if you don't know than f**k you. How come you are reading my blog and don't know about me ?

Anyway, remember life ain't a  walk in park.

They best way to live  is to avoid those situations and peeps who piss you off. And if doing everything they are still in your face then it is your test.

Have a good Sunday .


  1. I hear you.. I sometimes have that kind of out of the mood day as what they call it. Relax and do what can make you happy even for a just a day

  2. well chill just chill, goodthing we have blogger to somehow unleash such emotions

  3. Hang in there, dearest..! Hold your heart. I wish you all d best.. Love, nai.

  4. Enjoy your Sunday Izdiher!
    I'm thinking of going for a walk too!

  5. Lots of wisdom in your last paragraph. That is hard for many to learn.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. Just followed you...

    I love the thought you shared on this post!

  7. Looks like someone`s really, REALLY pissed down!
    Teehee,I hope you cool down soon :)

    P.S: And no there`s absolutely nothing wrong with walking! Let people talk, they are just so urgh -.-

  8. yes, life isn't a walk in the park... very true.. how i wish it is.. (but then it will be boring too)... anyway, it's good to walk in the park every once in awhile. At least you're far from people who are pissing you off.

  9. Thank u for visiting my blog, ur so sweet.
    I guess we all had to endure that " bad" feeling once in a while.
    What is Tuk tuk by the way? Is it some kind of transportation?:)

  10. Hope you had loads of fun after this fun post on Sunday:)

  11. but if life was a walk in the park.. it would get boring, don't you think so?
    I wish you all the best, have a nice week..

  12. Well done on the walking, great post!