Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Take a chill pill.

I desperately wanna smash my computer. This *&^*% thing ain't only goddamn slow, hangs after every 5 minutes. Pure pain in neck ! My brother is saying it's RAM or something, I dunno but something like that, which   has been wrecked. And my brother is so busy this week to fix this up. Only me and my God knows how I am working on it.


If something is going wrong,  like injustice,  hypocrisy, any bad stuff, etc, etc, you know things like that,  in our personal life or in our surrounding, we should not hold back. There is no need.  We have every right to be angry. And if we don't act out that  means we are behis___apathetic.

But in real life we get angry for other reasons too, which  sometimes are  not that significant. In the nut shell,  it is a dangerous thing to be.

 There is one saying something like that  the most powerful among is the one who keeps his anger under control.

And I am sure we all want to stay cool as much as possible, though sometimes this goes outta control that we don't realize what the hell we are saying. Well, actually mostly it goes otta control, innit? We scared the hell outta  other peeps, and when we  realize what we just said in anger, we regret it later. Yes,  this mean we have anger issue. We are hurting others. This emotion is turning   violence leading  to destructive and violent behavior.

But what is if  we are not angry but someone else: yelling at us. talking trash about us:   Bit your tongue, what else? becasue answering back would only fuel the fire, nothing else. The person who is angry is in no mood of listening, so no matter what genuine explanation you give them, will go in vain. Better be quite and let them let it all out.

 When ever I become angry:

1.  I go to wash room and splash water on my face. It brings my temperature down.

2. Change  position:   If I am angry and I am sitting, I will  stand up, if  I'm  standing, will sit down, start walking. Will do  something to distract my self. I also start cleaning my room, or ironing cloths. 
3. I also  mull over  why I get angry, or  what makes me angry. Is this becasue of  people, some specific people ?or stuffs ? someone insulting me constantly ? verbally attacking me ? my point not getting across.

4. When I have honestly figured out  the real and realistic reasons,  try to avoid those situations which makes me that angry. Distance my from those people becasue  no matter how much you confront them, or warn them, some just don't get it. Better is to  find some constructive way to blow off steam, otherwise it will hurt you and nothing else. I mostly write down on  whether on a piece of paper or on my blog. That makes me feel at least tad better. 

5. Last but not least forget and forgive. Which is so much difficult thing to do. At least to me.  I remember each and everything: good or bad, all my life.

Are you the one who easily get pissed off?

If yes, then I would love to know how you blow off steam ?


  1. I think I don't get pissed off easily.
    My suggest is not make other people suffer when they have no relation to why I am angry.
    Hope your brother fixes your computer!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. Spending 30 to an hour at the gym helps me blow off steam.

  3. Oh yes. I have a short fuse. And tend to blow it off, very easily. But only if the reason is valid.
    And my way of "calming down" would be going for a run, or art. Whatever I feel like, pertaining to the time of the day. Art is a medium of expressing those feelings which I try to keep buried in.
    Take Care.

    Hopelessly Hopeful.

  4. hmm one good bath helps a lot to me,
    or a glass of cold water

  5. Depends on the subject matter, situation and my mood at that particular time. But if I do get pissed off, I'd get a shower if that happens at home. Else, I'd inhale and exhale some air.. ^_^

  6. I'm ok at controlling my anger? Only very specific things can get me mad, like people ganging up on me or a bad game of Starcraft.

    I just need some time alone to calm down, that's what I do.

  7. I think I rarely get angry but when I do, I burst!! LOL

  8. Dont let the steam be raised to a level that you need a vent to clear it:)

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