Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Said no Pak ever!

How was   your date, ba'ata?
Said No Pakistani parents ever!!!!! 

It's OK  if my son doesn't become an engineer or doctor. 
Said No Pakistani parents ever!!!! 

Leave that, janau. I'll do the dishes ! 
 Said No Pakistani husband  ever!!!!! 

My mother-in-law is Allah ki gaein! 
Said No Pakistani wife ever!!!!! 

My daughter in law is noor of my eyes.
 Said no Pakistani Mother-in-law ever !

America, green card ! No F** way. I will live here and work hard for my country !
Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

How much ? 400 ! OK, she said cheerfully. 
Said no Pakistani Woman ever !  

 Everything will be on time. 
 Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

It is my responsibility to keep my country clean, don't throw wrappers on road or street, plant a tree. 
 Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

 Abu never use chappel, belt, or hanger for beating. 
Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

Biryani is too spicy for me.
Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!! 

No tea, please.
 Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

  I'm  18 now, its time to move out from my parents house. 
  Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

I'm gonna call the police.
  Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

Having greasy Hawlwa Puri in breakfast is unhealthy!
  Said No Pakistani ever !!!!!!

You are givig me riswat! Astagfar,astgfar ! You are  arrested. 
 Said No Pakistani police ever !!!!!!

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  1. True enough! But can't agree wholeheartedly. At least I've heard a mother-in-law say that, pretence it might be.
    And, I do hate America! :D

    I'm liking your new posts and its good to catch up after a long time.
    Stay blessed!

  2. Some sound funny and other sound so real!

  3. Oh, these were funny, my friend!

  4. Very well written and rhymed, Izdiher:)

  5. "That was very nice assemblage of words. I like!"


  6. well i guess that goes with Filipino too

  7. Lol! most are true, but my hubby on the odd occasion does the dishes!