Saturday, June 8, 2013


I saw that B-mama was walking. He was with his friend, I dunno who was he but both were walking. I was turning the street corner when I saw him coming, walking,  tall and  smiling.

I woke up.

My dreams are weird.

However, I see this particular dream often. He  walking,  me saying, "B_mama, you walking!" "Look, you walking!"

Maybe, I always want him walking. It must be God's will he is like that, but he did not accept that  so well either_______The accident , death of Nani, and  paralzation of his legs.  Mom says for six months he laid on floor and cried. It was my 3rd birthday. He and Nani had to go back Hyderabad. I was also going with them, bag packed, everything ready,  though at the moment of leaving, I slept. She died after 3 days (6th Feb). It was 1989. He was just 24 at that time.

All I remember about that day was, he in bath room, talking shower, and me calling him  out, "B-mama come out, don't you know I gotta cut the cake." "I am coming. I am coming, Gurya," he replying. Another still very clear, me, B-Aunty and Nani looking for rose flower's haar, after buying birthday cake from Madras Bakery. We were living in block M at that time. She saying "Ami , look it's Friday no shop is open, lets go back, but she so stubbornly saying, "No it's my guarya's birthday, She will wear rose flower's  haar." And She found one flower stall. Just that.

B-Mama is my mom's brother.


  1. well even me, my dreams were really weird
    as in! all i can say is "WTF is that"

  2. I always wish I could carry a camera around in my dreams to remember the pictures long after i forgot them !

  3. I seem to have fewer and fewer dreams as I get older. Or at least I don't remember them as well. I could really use one of the flying dreams I had as a kid. I used to love those.

  4. Sad dream.
    Dreams are often our thoughts organising as we rest, they can let us open a dialogue with ourselves to find out what it is, that is on our minds.It reads like your dream was very symbolic.

    Do you have good memories of this person at least?, i mean i read you were young.

  5. Dreaams are sometimes so clear and at other times they are like smoke. I am sure though that they all have some form of meaning for us.

  6. sometimes dreams remind us of our blessings too
    ! :D