Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Nice" people are getting banned from Facebook.

I am sure you all would be getting " Facebook Jail" and "Nice people are getting banned from Facebook."
 type message via your e-mail, or  Facebook, something like that:

It is some how true, and hoax as well.

 Facebook do ban  if someone sends  unnecessary friend requests and messages  randomly to people at frequent rate they don't know, though ban is not permanent and no body is going to  any kinda jail.

Has Facebook build a Facebook Jail?

I don't think so. Well, jail in a sense that people who get banned (temporary),  wouldn't not be able to send any more  friend requests, would not be able to send messages, or do chat   in that banned time period with  anyone, not even  from their own friend's list, forget the others, however he/she would  be allowed to use other features of Facebook without any inconvenience.

Question broach here is this happening to everyone?

We all add people, not random, but we do add, somehow, like we just meet someone, so is everyone is going to Facebook jail?

No, not everyone, only those who do this frequently, or their request being unanswered, or receiver had clicked "I don't know " button to their request.

Actually what happens, when friend request's receiver   click on the “I don’t know them" button  to the friend request, FB bans that  sender for some days. Sender gets a message from Facebook, actually more like a warning to   never dare to send any request anyone unless you “know them personally” or  otherwise you are gonna face the music___________you could be banned! And they do !

Story doesn't finish here. If that person don't get it, and   continue sending these  request or do  anything against Facebook's stated guidelines  after receiving a warning or multiple warnings, it  may disable that user's account too.

First of all try to understand that this sending  friend request is against Facebook's stated guidelines, and they states this clearly that this is merely  for protecting their users. Facebook is one of the kind type of social network in this regard. Even if you try to log in, log off frequently  like after every 15 minutes, it gets alert and gives warning message.  No other social site has these types of protection/restrictions. This might be one reason whole population of world is here.

On  other social sites,  people add each other freely and randomly, and no one  mind as well. Well, this is a real purpose of social networking_____meet others, rather than your mom and dad, make new different friends who share common interest, inn't? 

However, there are also many how send these request for no reasons. They are mostly not that nice, actually annoyers. There might be some one who do that for hacking or harming. Who knows if the sender's intention is to harm that person?Your whole information from birth till now is on Facebook's timeline. It is also more personal than your other accounts on different websites.

And if you are so nice then give some time. Wait for another day to send another request. Why in such hurry?

 So,  it is definitely a social networking website, but on the there hand, it has its laws and regulations, terms and condition, which are tad tight than others in the cyber world. And, everyone is also not that comfortable in being friends with some total stranger from other part of the world or from their own locality either. It has become more like a home to many. Very rare let others to enter into their home. They actually add friends that they  talk to in real life and family. Some even have set strict privacy setting  to avoid such inconvenience.

It is mostly school kids who find it cool having 1000+  friends, not adult. C'mon, why do they  want to add someone from  high school, whom they   could not stand even back then?

So what's your take : Is this OK to say "yes"  to any total stranger's friend request just to save that person from getting banned, or this whole thing of adding total stranger is so wrong at all in your eyes?  

And  has Facebook ever banned  you  for any reason ?

My Two cent:
 I don't mind at all. It is good to know as many as I can from all part of the world, as well as locally.  I just avoid specific types of desi guys, will talk about them later. We all have such types of guys, no big deal.  But still I don't send  request unless and until I am dying to add, what if  other might not like it, you know people, why she is doing that with their one eye brow raised and pulling their hair.

Yes, it has once banned me but for logging in and off frequently.

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  1. I wouldn't accept someone's friendship I didn't know... actually I did once but I couldn't remember the names of some people I met and thought it was one of them though they are in one way or other related to the people I met so I didn't mind. I'd never add someone I didn't know though I have clicked the wrong button once (adding the wrong person). I'm not really sure why people would add people they don't know, I don't even like people I know knowing everything about me let alone a complete random person. Don't get me wrong the likes of Twitter is a good idea and as a fellow blogger it's good to meet other bloggers but I'm not keen on random people adding me on Facebook so banning people is a good idea in my mind.

  2. well, never heard of this till now,
    hmm i think it's their anti spammer campaign maybe?

  3. I'm not a Facebook fan and don't spend much time updating my page.

  4. My FB is a private album, open only to friends I hand-picked, so to speak. ^_^

  5. I have a private FB account and as much as I want to reach out to everyone, I implement some restrictions. I don't approve invites from people I don't personally know. Sometimes I message and ask them if we have met somewhere or were perhaps schoolmates, in case my memory doesn't serve me right.

  6. I "know" everyone who is a "Facebook Friend", or I unfriend when I realize. Just don't have TIME to spend cultivating friendships with people I will never know...Too much "CRAZY STUFF" going on anyway, and i want no part in all that.

    Instinct sometimes tells me that "this is a NICE person, I would like to that is different.

    As the song goes "TO EACH HIS OWN...."

    MY 2¢

    Ifrah, as you age, you will become more selective in "friend" acceptance. MAYBE!!!!!

  7. I am never on Facebook that much, I do like some aspects of it though!