Friday, June 28, 2013

Pedi at home

I have world's worst, rough feet.

No matter how much I try to take care of them, they always look ugly, dirty and rough. I know I should wear socks when I go out ( I will prefer to die over wearing them ), moister them (I do, still no luck ), take  pedicure bla bla.

 Actually I don't care much. They are  last part of your body I think about. In the end of the day I just wash them, and moister if I am in mood and not so tired.

Now I have time, and nothing much to do in this boring summer break, my feet are still rough, I thought about giving a crack to pedicure. So, yesterday I went to a nearby salon and to my horror the charges  salon gal  told me for a simple pedi was beyond my league. At the moment,  I decided to do it on my own, at home. To my surprise it panned out  pretty well.

What is pedi and medi by the way ?Those salon people do nothing  special, just soak feet and hands in warm water, use creams and painti nails. You can do it at home.

Doing pedi at home is no big deal, you gotta need few stuff.  I already had pumice (we all have). Cold cream or any rich foot cream. Just bought Artmatic Moisturizing Cherry Foot Scrub from Chase Up just in Rs:155.
It smells like cherry.

How to do simple pedi at home !

1. Soak your feet in warm water for few minutes.
2. Masage  your foot with scrub.  leave for 5/10 minutes minute.
3. Remove any surface dead skin with pumice  ( or foot file, electric sander).
4. Trim your nails.
5. Apply any cream( I use Nevia cold cream)
6. Pop on sock ( I din't, you should)
7. After an hour paint it ;).

I also bought an anklet from Millennium Mall just in 50 Rs/-

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  1. Nice idea! Would love to try it someday. By the way, the picture shows none other than a pretty foot, which I'm sure both feet are much better looking now..!

  2. well,as for me, my feet reflects on my mood haha
    whenever I'm upset it looks horrible but it looks
    clean when im not, haha
    as for the guest post, I just can't find time to do it,
    but i'll try my very best

  3. Your foot looks pretty to me. A home pedicure is a good idea, if you just give your feet a little more attention and moisturise they will look and feel better. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Pretty your foot are:)..And i do the same pedi at y home:D

  5. i might give the at home pedicure a try,and your feet dont look ugly to me! Cheer up!

  6. I've never had a pedi, or a manicure for that matter. Maybe it's time!

  7. do it you way, huh. :-) i'm not that much conscious with my feet (which are ugly too, by the way).. but i want to try foot scrub too... hihi

  8. Is this what they call "thinking on your feet?" :)

  9. My feet are also the last part of my body that I take care of. Should do it more often when I know how easy it is haha :)