Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Something is fishy.

Turkey is always close to our hearts.

It always helped us, whether it was earth quake or flood(s). Their PM, president, mayors visit us. Pak-Turk schools are one of the best schools. There should be more like that. Their recent project is metro bus services in Lahore. There help is not something like to look down upon. They are for us just like a big brother.

I just wanna know is everything OK over there?
News are not giving good picture.

First it was  Arabs and now Turks are protesting and saying that their head of  states are all dictators. I mean, really ? They and all the world did not know that earlier? 

I followed Arab revolution via CNN and BBC, and believe me I am still starlet. I still don't know how genius all these protest are.  All the those liberal and modern Arabs were on street are now against Islamist  who came after dictators. They did not see that coming. 

CNN is the world most shallow news channel I ever watched.    They  behaved like some kinda war is going on in the Middle East, and  they are  their mommy and papa. 

Funny thing, no stand for Syria. All the nazla was on Egypt, and Libya

 Are people/rebels not fighting for her ? They in the beginning the also  wanted the same thing: Ending the dictatorship of  Ased Al Basher, their president, however it turned out a dirty civil war.

Oh poor Al Saham, she doesn't have OIL.

Do you know China blocked the word " Jasmin and Revolution" from the cyber net in fear it might catch on their too ? China is a very democratic country, you know.

And Occupy Wall Street was no protesting. People were gathered their for picnic.

Anyway, Sanu ki, I just don't take part in these protest and revolutions...too mainstream!


  1. how i wish i was updated too on such event

  2. The world is controlled by the media, telling us what they want us to hear, just like your post earlier, controlling what we think.

  3. I wish the media would restrict itself to reporting news instead of trying to make it. I hope things settle down in Turkey. Such a beautiful country with such friendly people.

  4. Haha! Oil...Unfortunately only part of it my friend. Oil is important, however what else the country has to offer western AND eastern powers is these days much more important. Look at ruling minorities, and where the navies and the armies of the west and east are parked. And remember that if you go back to the days of the end of the ottoman empire, Turkey (and half of the middle east for that matter) was designed solely as a buffer state.

    Syria: Russians giving guns and missiles to the government, US and UK giving money to rebels, Saudi giving support to rebels and arresting supporters of Assad, International red crescent completely overwhelmed. No matter what happens, in 10 years its all going to be our fault.