Monday, June 10, 2013

Up-coming 2 Bollywood flicks!

I grew up watching Bollywood movies_____flop, hit  not used to matter back then. There are songs for every moment, latka jhatka style dance, villain, lovers, emotions.  End is always happy. They have their own flavors. But from past couples of  years  not many  good movies were coming out. Last one which I really liked   was Dabang 2 and Kahani. I know I have missed many in between  them.

 Hearing a lot about Ashqiue 2, though  it hasn't caught my attention yet in that sense  that I go and watch it. Songs are not as good as they are claiming. Ending is sad.

What I am really looking forward is Ranjahana  and Lootera. Hope they don't disappoint me. Couple of issues with Ranjahana I have are  Soonam Kapoor and Sunny Deol (actor and actress), whose films are mostly flops. And directors____whose previous film was also flop. Ding  Dong. Music is no doubt superb by A.R. Rehman..

Confident about Lootera. Sunakhi's hit in every movie. Ranveer's acting is not bad. It  is a period romance.

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  1. It's been a while since I last saw any Bollywood movie.. A fan myself once upon a time.

  2. I've never seen an entire Bollywood movie but the clips I've seen look very enjoyable.

  3. I haven't seen much Bollywood movies mostly comedies. Have a great time watching those movies Izdiher.

  4. Hi Izdiher, I used to watch Hindi movies too - here in Malaysia we watch them even when we don't really understand the language. But we pick up a few words here and there and as you say there is the music to enjoy and the handsome actors to watch.My last one was Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring Shahrukh Khan. Enjoyed that one though.

  5. Whether to be ashamed of the fact, or not...I must say, I've never seen a Bollywood movie. Since I see average 2 movies in 2 years--grin! chances are I'll not see Bollywood production.

    But....who knows? LOL!

  6. hey!!!!!!!:p..I love ashique 2,though it was a copy of A star is born but still i like it:p...I've been cried over it since a week:p..

    ehem!now you're supposed to laugh at me:p


    Take care..

  7. I love a good movie, not always the new style with CGI, good story/plot always comes first along with good acting of course.

  8. I've only seen a few Bollywood movies, but I loved them and would like to see more! Lootera looks good!
    Sincerely, Sara