Friday, July 26, 2013

Cosmetic shop.

After Iftar I went to doc. He has stalled my antibiotic, now  wants my pee d/r  test on Monday. It was 10 days antibiotic course. Huh, this UIC is killing me. Cherry on the top, since I got UIC  I am drinking  hardly 3 glass of water per day, and when I told that to him, he told me  off.  Not in a bad way, but he was like...."Larki,what are you doing !!!!"
 Drink whole matka !!
Drink whole ruafza's bottle.

I was scared of drinking water or anything at all ;(. I assumed I got UIC because of drinking. Anywya, hope I get well soon.

On the way back home I bought french fries and Pepsi. It was almost Al-Asha prayer time. Not much people were on road.

And then  I saw.................the COSMETIC SHOP was re-opened.

Construction work was going on, but can you believe it, they finally  re-open it. They took too long, almost two years.

No matter what, I am happy. It is one and only best cosmetic shop in my area, and they don't sell fake, duo number products. Two years  ago, remember  when  Zulfiqar Mirza made some anti-racist comments againt MQM, that shop was closed down by some people, I dunno. Other shops were also closed down who were owned by non-urdu speaking people. Jeddah curtain was almost burned down to ashes. Many reopen, few  not. Jeddah one  is still closed.

You should have see me how excited I got after seeing it re-opened. I instantly bought She's body spray, Blesso's bleach cream, and Cristine's loose face power in peach color.  They gave me discount, and I congratulated him for coming back.

 This time all the sales guy  were Urdu speaking. Its name has been changed to ABM cosmetic from Aryan cosmetic.

It is 12;13 am, and I am wake. My sleep pattern has been changed completely.  I sleep for just 3 hours at night. Around 3:45 am I am awake for shaour. After doing it I still don't sleep till 8 pm. This is when I really sleeps till 10 or 11 pm sometimes. I wanted this month to be very productive, but I don't thinks so I am doing anything productive. Half of it has been passed. 

How you peeps are doing these days?


  1. I'm glad your cosmetics shop has reopened so you can look and feel your best---as if you aren't perfect just the way you are.

  2. That's nice for the cosmetic shop!
    Hope everything will be ok with your health thing.

  3. Yeah, Izdiher, when you goin toget serious with taking care of your health?
    DRINK PLENTY WATER--You KNOW that doesn't cause your illness/discomfort.

    On other topic, even though it does NOT excite me...I happy you find such enjoyment in shopping your favorite cometic shoppe. One CAN easily "look" their best--but it comes down to how you FEEL about yourself, right?

  4. I am glad that your cosmetic shop has re-opened and you had so much fun. You must take care of your health dear Izzy, drinking lots of water is very important as it dilutes and flushes toxins from the kidneys, bladder and urethra . You get urinary infections from not drinking enough water.
    Take care
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Get well and enjoy the festive time!

  6. Ramadan is like that sometimes, you get tired very easily.

  7. Ramadan is the golden opportunity to attain Taqwa, but you have to be careful to keep everything in good balance.
    May Allah swt give you faster recovery in total.
    BTW: Don't forget your water intake as required.
    And, last of all, many congratulations for the cosmetic shop re-opening with URDU SPEAKING PESONNEL.

  8. take care of your health more okay, get well soon
    it's hard to be sick nowadays,

  9. Get well soon and I hope you feel better. Thanks are going well over here in the states and thanks for the birthday greeting too. :-)

  10. So glad your cosmetic shop has re opened. I don't know what'd do without one! I'll be glad to see what you got. Hugs xoxo

  11. Yes it is NT drinking enough that causes problems, 6 glasses would be better!

  12. Hope you are all better soon and able to enjoy your cosmetic purchases to the full. :)

  13. Good to hear you are happy. My Ramadan is non existant (Almost). as i am working Nights now, i am sleeping throughout the day and awake night time. I am missing a lot of day time prayers like zuhur, Asir is fine but can't do zuhr it seems, everytime i put the alarm on, it gets turned off by sleepy me. No one at home to wake me up. really, this Ramadan is turning in to a nightmare, and Iftar is on the Tube. anyway Happy Ramadan to you and your Family.

  14. cosmetics- <3 well, nowadays, a monotonous routine follows me when after doing sehri i sleep and wake up at 9 then do house chores and studies stuff. then reciting prayers and quran and ofcourse blogging too :p then helping mommy in making iftar and after iftar make tea fr parents and prayers and taraweeh following isha prayers. then some family time and then finally doze off again.