Sunday, July 28, 2013

Have any poor ever said don't eat in front of them?

It seems like some people are  doing an act of  kindness to others when they fast.

And say  stop eating in front of them, they are in the state of fast. They feel offended when someone eat in front of  them. Some even don't bother to hit that person.  They say  shut down the  shops and restaurants during working hours. It is disrespecting in the month of Ramadan.

These ignorant  and arrogant have any care for  millions of   poor  Pakistani?

Those poor who are in the sate of fasting for whole  12 months. Those who starve. Those who don't even know whether they ever will get their next meal or not ? Have  these poor ever said don't eat in front of them? Don't they feel lacerated when people eat lavish food in front of them?

What an  irony,  we fast for just few hours and say don't eat in front of us! 



  1. That's the truth my dear... Unfortunately :( Ramadan should be a month were we do even MORE our best than during the year. Not overdo and then do nothing the rest of the year! May Allah bless you and your family for this reminder :)

  2. Yessss--it's like our Christian Brothers. Holy, holy, holy Sunday morning...then drinking, gambling quarreling, gossiping (and whatever else we do!) from noon hour on and until following Sunday morning.

    Why do we not admit that we humans ARE all alike, similar in performance of duties? What about our Ego...and self-centeredness, are these not rampant?

    Enough confessions now...enough self-flagellatiing! Let's get on with living with tolerence and patience together and loving our neighbor as

    I had forgotten you have a "private" blog...yet I have accessed it? Well, nice to be hereonce again. Bye!

  3. An interesting thought, ans a wise reminder to be thoughtful of those who fast from a lack of having something to eat rather than for other reasons.

  4. Amen! I said the same to my husband at the start of Ramadan- seriously Muslims let's get with it.

  5. well no matter what respect must always comes first,

  6. Thats well said.
    I guess fasting is complete & meaningful oly wen the saved money thru fasting is handed ovr to the needy...

  7. Respect is a two way street, in order for me to respect your ways, you must be able to respect mine. In essence, we both must be willing to be a little offended in order to be able to live and let live. Too many people take the American rap song definition of "respect" and believe it to be correct. i.e.: Respect = you fearing me or fearing angering me with your behavior. That's not respect, and those cretins who think it is should be evicted from the planet.

  8. I never gave it a thought. More like I didn't realize that such a thing happens. I must say, this riled up something in me. The world has always been unfair. :(