Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More honor in love

- A number of us are willing to accept a young male member of our family falling in love. But when a young girl from our family decides to assert her choice we suddenly experience a “loss of honor.” Why does our sense of honor rest in the sexual or emotional freedom of our girls?

Aamir Khan, Indian film actor, director, producer.

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  1. It is indeed, kinda strange. The same thing happens in our culture..

    Ramadan mubarak dear!


  2. Sigh. Our culture is so weird sometimes. :/

    Ramadan Kareem :)

  3. True! Sometimes changes happen at slower pace than we want it to:)

  4. And I thought that these things are of the past. I am wrong!

  5. Seems to me there is notion that a woman is like a cow, waiting for her bull to arrive, and hang around the barnyard for life, not looking ever again at another cow.

    Seems to me also that the First of the deadly sins listed, PRIDE, plays a part in the thinking of men who look at women as secondary citizens...relegated to walking BEHIND me, the MASTER. I can only say, "BULL SHIT"! The word MAN is 2nd syllable of HU-MAN. Has nothing to do with the male...

    PEACE and LIGHT, Women of the world. Wake up! Live! Love! BOW and PRAY only to your God or Allah, or whatever Name. LOVE your man, but only if he does not think of himself as your OWNER.

    Steve Elsaesser
    Naples, Florida US

  6. I look forward to a day when people everywhere can fulfill themselves by marrying in whatever manner brings the greatest happiness.

  7. well thats obviously unfair

  8. I wonder if it's too extreme to think that such narrow minded people should not be allowed to live freely :-/

  9. Equality to me is a basic human right!