Saturday, July 6, 2013


I  got diagnosed with UIC. Just don't ask me in simple words what does it mean. And no matter what I will not tell you in simple words what does it mean either. It is just so embarrassing.  It was going on since last 3 months, and I was simply ignoring it. I thought it will go away with time. But hell No. It is still here !

All tests:  ultrasound,  blood test (2x), kidney's (3x) came out fine. No burning, no fever, Allumd'Allah. Reason could be an over active bladder or  bacteria. You see,  my Urologist  haven't found out the reason yet. Whatever it is, the med Solifenacin (Vesicare) he gave me is quite  slow as well.

It is exactly like someone  is having 106 degree fever and he is giving him/her a panadol !I mean, this is my body, and I know what I am going trough. I can feel if med is  working fine on me or not, can't I?

He also want me to do a specific exercise four times a day for ten minutes, Crap! OK, I do it...sometimes.

Half of  my  summer break  has  passed in   going to hospital and going lab for tests. Now Ramadan is almost there. I don't want to have it in that month ;(.

Yesterday, I went  mall to buy Eid  dress and other stuffs with my mom. We always do our Eid  shopping   before Ramadan. After shopping we went to Mall's food court. I had garlic chicken roll, and regretted later. I can  definitely make better garlic chicken roll  hen them. But anyway.  Ami had her fav shorma. I do like shorma too, though I wanted to try garlic chicken roll.

Sometime I really mull over oping my own restaurant.  Maybe not now, later.  Who knows ?


  1. Dear, do take care, whatever this UIC means. And yep, you should consider opening up a resto one day.. Good Luck and Ramadan Mubarak!

  2. whatever this UIC means, do take care and do let s know when you open your own restaurant :)

  3. Get well soon. :S
    And take care. :)

  4. Dear Izdiher,
    wish you get better as soon as possible!
    Best of luck my dear!

  5. well what that case is I hope you'll be just ok

  6. I am so sorry to hear that:(...I'll pray for u for sure:(...GET WELL SOON!

  7. Garlic chicken! You had me craving there haha Though in my country, buttered chicken is more popular.

    Is UIC the same as UTI? I used to have occurrences of UTI because of eating too much salty foods, soda and preventing myself to pee. Get well soon girl! Pray and follow your doctor's advice.

  8. so sorry to hear this , we don't know about how serious our body condition until we end up like this . Get well soon, my prayers to you my dear sis .

    don't worry and take care of your body. <3

  9. Sorry to hear that you are unwell, I think that more tests should be done, perhaps you need an antibiotic not Vesicare.
    xoxoxo ♡

  10. Ifrah, I hope for you to get well, soon, lke TOMORROW! Being sick, even when not confined to bed, is a pain in the ***. (Rhymes with "glass"! Or elsewhere?

    Hope you stay blogging and keep us all posted, my friend.

  11. I do hope you feel better now.

  12. You take care. And if the meds doesn't work, ask for second opinion.

  13. Hi Izdiher, have not blogged for so long and then I find out you are not so well. Hope you do get better soon though I don't know what is UtC? Must be something to do with urinary tract?

  14. ALWAYS room for another GooooD! reataurant. So long as good ingredients:
    Service with smiles

    There are few occupations which demand of the owner SO much work, risk, low profit, but rewards are huge--in satisfied contributions to the community...a place to meet and greet. I would enjoy being a customer, Ifrah!