Monday, August 26, 2013

A day.

I know I am neglecting this blog....OK, sorry na.

I am so, so busy. You know,  I didn't  even  proof read  my last post and published it like there is no tomorrow. How embarrassing ! I have done it now.

Last night, I slept at 3:30 am.

Ok, you do the justice, is this my fault Star world re-telecasts 4 or 5 episodes of breaking bad,  in one run around 11:30 pm, and when they run it at its original time, I can't watch it due to no electricity ?

And this is only show I am watching these days.

And you know what, when I was watching t.v, and my sis  was sleeping on the couch. She asked me to turned off t.v some 10x, and I ignored it.  Then  she  throw  slipper at me, It  didn't hit me. I am quite trained, you know. Anyway, I was already so burned out, so I  turned off it off.  

So I was saying I  turned in around 3:30 pm, but finally slept at  5,  got up 6:45, again  and left home without make up. Can you imagine that ? Just had a cup of tea. Already  already nothing was making no sense to me, Miss asked me to   do computer lab's board.

Of course I did. They pay me.

I  stayed late to finished it once and for all. It was hanging on my head   since the start of  the august.

Now I gotta go to my friend's  cousin's mehindi's ceremony.

God, I definitely don't want to go.  No,  I ain't  tried anymore, I had a nap in afternoon, just that it is  exact 8:00pm right now, and ceremony will not be  started till 10:30.  They  all are at home. She is saying I come early to do her makeup. No way. She lives at  airport side, and my bro ain't at home to take me there.

I'll go directly to  hall, and  wing it, if needed.

I have no mood to do any one's makeup.


  1. I haven't watched "Breaking Bad" yet. I hear it's extremely violent.

  2. I haven't watched "Breaking Bad".
    I laughed with the "slipper thing".
    Oh Izdiher, you're so original! I always enjoy reading your posts!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  3. we have our priorities. but when we are so down or emotions are really at peak, where do we end up going? here. :)))) we understand.

  4. Yes, agreeing that you are "so original"...that is because you open your heart, and let stuff flow honestly out to the world. People always saying to me, "YU need more sleep!" They are correct, of course, because when I DO plane to sleep in, it last 15 hours, and feel SOOO GOOOD after. So they are right.

    But you, young girl need to use more sleep--we call it "beauty sleep". Helps to remove stress after waking, and throughout the day.

    Do you not drive a car? Maybe do not have one? It is SO much of freedom to experience going and coming when the spirit leads you--either way...

    Hey, I am "talking" wayyy too much here, so...
    PEACE and LIGHT for you, Izdiher

  5. Hey Izdiher, take the time for yourself and sometimes you have to forget about others!

  6. hope you ease into your normal routine soon

  7. Friend's cousin's mehndi?? Gotta love Pakistan ;)

    I tried watching breaking bad but found it incredibly boring :/ I wonder why :/

  8. Hope your feel better now !!

  9. slipper thing was sister does the same with me...;)
    keep writing...:)

  10. Haha, the slipper story made me laugh :P
    Is breaking bad really good? Seems like everyone is obsessed with it!

  11. you need some good sleep, hot cocoa and a good bar of chocolate. soothen those tensed muscles, sweet!
    take care and have happy days ahead!

  12. I love breaking bad too :D
    xoxo <3