Friday, August 16, 2013

Bombing masajid, and burning churches.

I dunno who burnt those churches in Egypt, but one thing is very clear they could not be Christians. How could they do that? of curse not, but some one sure did that.
 And FYI, this church burning ain't happened first time in Egypt. Whenever there is riot in Egy, (no matter of what nature) churches get burn. However, whatever is going on in Egy currently is totally political. (Ain't kicking out first ever democratic president a political thing?) anyway, these Christian Egyptian are as Egyptians as any other Egyptian in Egypt. Even they were there long before Islam. Then why they are burning churches in Egypt? Why dragging religion into a political issue? What did Christians gotta do with all that ????? This happens there. Sorry to say this happens in our very own Muslim majority countries as well. 
In July2013, Lahore Mission’s Office was set on fire. In May 2013, there was proper what do I call it, hmmm" a gang" "mob" against them. Almost 160 houses and 2 churches were set on fire. 
 Both Egypt and Pakistan are Muslim majority countries. No one burns Masjid anywhere during riots. ( I am talking about current so called civilized world, not history) In Pakistan they are scared to death. They are scared because God knows when some nut case accused them  for blasphemy. Still they don't whine. They never say a word. These Christan people in Muslim majority never do anything illegal, or unpatriotic. Like I said Christan in Egy are as Egyptians as any other Egyptian. Christian in Pakistan are as Pakistani as any other Pakistani. They are peaceful, patriotic people, average middle class, never  get involve themselves in any type of terrorist activity or all that jazz, but still they become target of (Muslim) extremism ? 
However, there are, whether you accept it or not so many Islamist militant terrorist group, sick people who bomb masajid, and burn churches.


  1. Well said,
    there is so mcuh chaos out there, it's sad.

  2. It's all very sad. I feel some responsibility for this because America supported the dictator Mubarek for so long and none of the money we sent went to help the people, but we aren't responsible for every problem in The Middle East.

  3. such dispute just don't make sense at all well in fact respect is the only key for us to prevent such thing

  4. Unfortunately such things keep happening somewhere or other…mix up of politics and religions is hampering peace…

  5. Well said dear. I can't understand why so much hatred and why religion is always used to justify horrible behaviors.
    Stay safe and in peace.

  6. Churches--whoever they are--must be doing good job, if Muslims wish to burn them down. IF WE NOT FEAR something, we do not burn it observation. But then...why fear something which is peaceful, loving and harmless, and in fact, a SMALL, SMALL minority?

    Maybe it's like removing a thorn from your foot? Hmmmm!

    PEACE and LIGHT!