Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Burqa Avenger-Lady in Black__ never mess up with her.

Burqa Avenger's second episode has aired on August 4, 2013, which is produced, created & directed by a pop singer  Aaron /Haroon Rasheed.

Well, it a big thing for us.  After all we have got our very own first super hero. Just  after couple of episodes, it has got people  taking about it .......... but peeps are not talking about the cartoon series, how good or bad it is.  No one is giving shahbashee for making first ever made-in-Pakistan animated series. No one is taking about its production, direction, acting, story, content  and all that jazz, which is quite excellent. No one is taking about the message behind it, “Justice, Peace and Education for All”

What people are talking about is  the BURQA, because first ever Pakistani super hero (heroine) is a teacher in some village called halwapur at day, but in night she's kicking ass of  bad guys with Takht Kabaddi -- a form of karate that uses books and pens as weapons, for justice peace, and education,  in full burqa. She is also  a parkour master, though  her  burqa has become a bone of contention.

Poor cartoon has gone somewhere in the back ground, meanwhile a new controversy has stirred up. Real issue, which is providing good education to everyone, empowering  women, and making them  a useful member of society is no more an issue. 

Its facbook page is full with two cents of people from all walk of life, who are either with her, or who are totally against her, finding her costume not appropriate for a super hero. 

Those who   are  totally against it, saying it is not a super hero cartoon, but  merely a promotion of   oppression, violence and sexism. And she is not burqani, but a full length niqabi, who can’t defend women rights and education by wearing  a costume which  segregates women in society. Women who wears  burka think they have some kind of religious superiority, and privilege. Only they are pious, rest  are just to look down  upon.  Already female are oppressed in this country, now we have Burqa Avenger to make them more oppressed.

She is quite aggressive, and hits with pen and books. What type of message is this ? They say that girls are not allowed to get education in Pakistan is  just a  propaganda to portray a wrong image of Pakistan, and Pakistani woman across the globe. Some "foreign hands" are   behind this whole production.  It has mixed up Islam and Pakistan. 
Their point is that  Burka is an Arabic  traditional dress so it should have stayed like that rather than a costume for an animated movie. If she is a Pakistani super hero, costume should be something more like shalwar kameez, which is our national dress. They are afraid, if this catch on, burqa will be everywhere. There will be Burka Avenger the Doll, Burka Avenger the game, Burka Avenger the Movie, and Burka Avenger the Franchise.

On the contrary,  people who support  Burqa, or wear them are actually celebrating  this strong female character. They are quite happy because something like this is really happening. Now they have an Islamic type super hero to look up to. To them it is representing true image of not only a Pakistani women, because majority of Pakistanis gals are like her brave and courageous, who know how to stand of for their rights,  but also representing   Muslim women  all around the world.

 Women from Turkey to Indonesia will be able to   relate  with Jia, who is not like some western half naked superheroes(which western super hero is naked?). She is an independent young woman, unlike other super heroes who are all male. Isn't this amazing? Anyway, not only kids are enjoying and getting good message, adults are also fan of Jia a.k.a Burqa Avenger. It will tell the world that burqa  ain't  a symbol of oppression. They strongly believe   Burka avenger is gonna beat all half naked western super heroes.

Well, both parties are are just making a mountain outta   molehill over a piece of cloth. I reckon we have already hammered it out that burqa ain't a symbol of oppression. Some might wear it by force, but many do it by their own choice, so never dare to say a single  world to any  naqabi, hijabi, burqai gals, at least not in Pakistan. Never, never mess up with lady in black.

Don't mess with the lady in black
The lady in black, the lady in black
Don't mess with the lady in black
When she's on the attack! 
(Theme song by Haroon and Adil Omer)

She wears shalwar kammez at day, like any Pakistani girl. It is just at night  when she is  out kicking ass,  needs a special costume to conceals her identity. What is so wrong  about it? Every super hero needs a costume, what if a she wears burqa. Her focus is more on good deeds, rather than her body. Books are more  important, than waiting for prince charming. Her top priorities  is saving her village, spreading awareness, rather than wasting time in beautifying her self.

 However, it is always mixed up_Islam and Pakistan, whether one like it or not. So one shouldn't be super surprised if Pakistani first super hero is a woman in a burqa costume and fighting for education. This is our reality. No matter how much liberal brigade frown upon this burqa, majority might wears shalwar kammez, but  there are real burqa avengers  among us. And our one of the biggest problem is illiteracy and obstacles which not let girls to get at least basic, primary level education, so in a nut shell, Burqa Avenger is perfect, in my opinion.

My only issue with  this cartoon series  is its ATTITUDE.  I mean, just after making  a first animated cartoon, airing only two episode you are challenging west. Calling western super heroes naked. Giving lessons  to the father of cartoon (Disney) what type of heroin should be. It is quite unfair. And this comparison is totally wrong as well. How can you compare a Disney heroin with super hero/heroine?It is like comparing an apple with a pear, innit?

I have nothing much to say.


  1. Very interesting. I wasn't aware of this cartoon and I find it all very interesting.

  2. that sounds a bit strange for my culture , anyway I think it is very interesting to debate ....I just think Burqua is not very comfty for fighting ! the gingle is sweet .

    ciao Ave

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  3. I have not seen this animated cartoon, however if she is promoting education and equality for women I guess it does not matter if she is wearing a burqa or not. :)
    Thank you dear Izzy for the link to the beautiful poem 'REIDI GUL' by Ghani Khan, I did enjoy it and the song that has been produced by Yasir and Jawad, it is also lovely.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. If it has got people talking about these important issues regarding women's education and rights, then it is doing a great service.

  5. that was really cool, girl power rules! haha
    i so love watching such type of shows

  6. I watched it and found it interesting but thing is that its online streaming links are not available for the people who are unable to watch it live.

  7. Of COURSE Pakistan and Islam are said as one word. It certainly would not be said Christian Pakistan...et real. What is...IS.

    PS.. Aren't those Burquas HOT? (Meaning "temperature"-hot).

  8. I would really like to share something here.
    in the sunday's dawn of previous week,i saw an article saying the burqa avengers is a complete stain on religion. and the girl is wearing burqa that has nothing to d this religion. -_-
    i found that article quite offensive.