Friday, August 2, 2013

Iftari @ Indulge.

Around 3:30 pm  my-still-not-married-female-friend, Rania called me from her aunt place, who lives  here, so near where I live. You can say, it's hardly 10 minutes drive from my apartment. She asked me about going out for shopping and doing iftari out.  Well, at that time I was in no mood of going out, so told her I will see. I might not able to make it. It was such a boring day. I was flipping on bed like a dead fish.

But then instantly when I end the call it hit me what the hell I just said, am I  gone  crazy ? She is asking out for shopping! And I said I will see.  I called her back and said gimme  half an  hour I be ready. She said OK. We made arrangements for me to be picked up from perfume chowk. When she will be near chowrangi, she will give me a miss call. I will be at P-chowk.

All done. I hanged up, and rushed to bath to get a bath.

Well I had nothing much to do, juts pressing my dress and taking bath.

Around 4:45 pm I got her call, she was at chowrangi. Mall is also very near.

First we went to the Millennium  mall, and searched for matching tights for her eid's dress. She only had to bought matching tight.  Thanks heaven,   I am smart. I have had done all my eid's shopping  month ago.No tension. We could not find anything over there, so we went  to Saima Mall, where she found her matching tights. Though creepy Plazo with short shirts were everywhere.   Mean while we bought shoes, checked shops out for no reason till 6:15 pm.

Outside of mall(s) a guy was handing out  Indulge's Ramadan delight's pamphlet.

As you can see very clearly, they are offering two deals:
Deal 1: Club Sandwich, Spicy Roll, Fries & Drinks Rs. 675 
Deal 2:  Chicken Burger, 3 Hot Wings with drink  Rs. 350.

Rates were looking legit(at that time). Splurging somethings, sometimes   is no deal breaker.

 On  the spur of the moment  I decided, if we are going Indulge I will go for deal 2. It would be enough for me. We also checked Saima Mall's food court, in case it was not choke full, like it is always in regular days. I like there despite  so much crowd,  it has  enough variety, and rates are also OK, something in my league. And  their chiness stuff is so yummy. However, it was getting full as usual.

So we came to  Indulge. It  is also good a bit casual dine-in café, which  provides a relaxing and friendly dining environment. Their regular stuff is also eatable. When we reached there it was still empty to our surprise. 

One reason could be it is on the ground floor of M-Mall. At first floor, in front  of the mall, there is KFC, so what can an Induleg do in front of KFC?

Even people who were coming there, were saying lets go KFC after 5 minutes. Anyway their customer were leaving  is  not my problem. It ain't my dad's restaurant. 

We talked and ordered our deals. Like I said I had already made up my mind for  deal 2, so I ordered that.  Her sister wanted to have something else like spice wrap, from their regular menu, but during Iftar time, they are only serving  deals. After 20 to 30 minutes one can order anything from regular menu.So she and her sis also ordered  deal 2.

Mean while we  talked about here and there stuff_______ yaen waha ki bateein waghira, waghera !

Waiter guy put   dates and watre bottl inf ront of us.

3 dates_______ only 3 dates, can you believe this!  Haed hoti hai  kanjuci ki bhi ! Runing  a resutrant in Karachi, and can't give atleast 6 dates  huh !

We got our meal in time. It  was an OK meal.  Not so much tasty. Hot wings were quite small in size. Well in Rs.350 /- I couldn't ask for more.

Then waiter brought the bill.  I almost screamed. I wanted to scream in real because they  lied. They lied about this whole deal. Tax was included (150/- Rs). If it was  mentioned on the pamphlet, I might not have hit the ceiling.  Not only tax, they charged for water bottle too.  For water bottle!

It is not their fault entirely. Ramadan is a looting month over here. Every stuff's price has been marked up abnormally, whether it is food items or anything else.

Overall it was fun to shop and break Iftar out. I had awesome time.


  1. it is sad that people rip people off because they fast during the day...but you did get out with a friend and that is better than being bored.

  2. I'm glad you decided not to stay home but instead enjoyed time with your friend. Instead of wasting the day you used it wisely.

  3. It's better that you went out and didn't stay at home.
    In Greece they always charge the water bottle unless is tap water.

  4. Well, I liked reading about that "turning point", when you told her on the phone..."Well, I'll see". One of my most harmful behaviors is when I decide to ISOLATE. Not often now--but it IS still with me. That turning point, Iz when "...I was flipping on bed like a dead fish." (LOVED that so evocative remark!) you were given by your Higher Power the grace to "SEE" what you were becoming alredy...reclusive. Also means BORED!!!

    As we cooperate with our God, He gives us the power to carry out the good, which has become His will.

    Also enjoyed your desription of the restaurant service, food, ambiance, prices, etc.

    I'm GLAD
    you HAD
    a NICE TIME of it!
    Later........ :-)

  5. you surely would have had great fun enjoyed reading :D

  6. fasting for feasting....
    iftari!! thats a new term to me...thanks

  7. now i miss being with my buddies, anyway great set of meals huh

  8. Sounds as if you had a great time and even better, no pressure as you had already done your shopping.

  9. about the deal: there is a saying in spanish "they lost more than i did". maybe that is the reason why that local was empty whereas the kfc was full.

  10. Haha kanjuci and karachi goes wayy too well :D Enjoyed reading =)

  11. Hi!
    Thank you for visiting my blog :) It's really good to know how Ramadan is practiced in another county. It'll be Eid soon so, I'd like to wish you and your family a beautiful Eid Mubarak!

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  13. Usually there are amazing deals with best prices during Ramadhan but I haven't come across any this Year... Sigh...

    Oh well, Saima Mall sure is good for getting clothes at the last minute :D I didn't know they had a Food Court thee too O.o

    Oh and, Advanced Eid Mubarak :D