Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Case closed.

No matter what people say. No matter how much aeri choti ka zoor laga kar they try to  present this   forgiving Shahrukh as a "forced decision," or "decedent's family was so much under pressure, they had to  protect the rest of the family, feudal system won, there is no justice for poor,"  blah, blah and another big blah, last night descendent's  father gave his  clear three lines statement that  he decided with a sane mind, and no one can force him to do anything, he forgave Shahruk, the guy who murder his son, fi sabillillah ( in the name of Allah).

Case closed. 

I am sure no one saw that coming ! No one thought Shazaib's family  would forgive Shahruk. No one thought all the effort people were doing would go in vain like that.

Well, this forgiving and compensation happens all the time over here. Decedent's family forgive the murderer and accept Deyiat_blood money  in the place of Al-Qassas by force, or in the name of God, only God knows. Being rich or poor, tribal or democratic, feudal or socialist has nothing to do with it. Even  America paid the blood money  on the behave of  Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor who killed three guys in Lahore.

But  this is no way to use make deal. Yes, Islam  tells us to forgive, it gives us option to accpet Deyiat (blood money) instead of  Qasaas (the Law of Equality in punishment) clearly in the chapter al-Baqarah 2:178, but no like that.

We  need  to understand that murder  are of many types. Some are done by mistakes, some deliberately. 

When it is done deliberately,  Qasaas (the Law of Equality in punishment) is applied, and when by mistake  deyiah ( blood money)  is an only option, because here murder is done by mistake. 

But in both scenario, it is the  matter of the state.  Even in murder by mistake,  it is state which decides whether  murder deserves  forgiveness or not ( after punishment).   Court also has every right to not give this option. Family's decision to forgive the murderer and accept blood money instead of Qassas comes later. 

 However, we have made this Al-Qasaas and Al Deiyat law a joke, just like we have made every other law.

It clearly seems like it is now  families who are the one who decides, and if they are really the one, then why we need court and Justice system?

In this specific Shahruk-Shabaz case, both parties are super rich and feudal, live in posh area of Karachi. So, I can't buy that they did that for money.  Still, according to news, Allah knows the best, deal is  of around some 36 cores with an  Australian residential visa as well. But they are saying they haven't made any money deal. They were under no pressure. They did everything in the name of Allah. 

In Karam Khan show, a reporter said,  according to some sources  deal had been done almost 3 months ago. They wanted  to forgive  the murderer long ago however, the whole case  got  dragged  that long just because media and people got involved in it way too much, and  because of so much hyped supreme court had to take suo moto action. Family was under pressure to make no deal, not to make deal !

The only thing which is not making sense is  how come  he got forgiveness  when this case was under  anti terrorist court,  when anti terrorist court of Karachi sentenced him to death, where Deyait ain't applicable. 

Anyway, I am no one to judge them. And when every thing is "almost possible" over here, then does it matter where Deiayt is applicable ? Lets not waste more time here.

 They did what they felt better. And when   murder has become family matters, and it is families who decide before  court's verdict and punishments, who are we to interfere?  


  1. It is becoming clear to me Ifrah, that in these times, ANYTHING can happen ANYWHERE...and does.

    Hey, above is a whole list of comments on that earthquake some months ago. Someting screwed up in you blogspot configuration, maybe?

  2. unexpected and somehow not really surprising...

  3. ALLAH knows best otherwise it is impossible to distinguish between facts and rubbish from the information presented to us by media.

  4. Most of the times it is difficult to know the entire truth!

  5. yeah, the news was astonishing..

  6. Very often the workings of the law are a mystery to everyone except those who channel it in a way which suits them.

  7. Wonder what will happen with that contracor...suppose you can get away with murder or manslaughter if your rich enough.

  8. In England families of victims cannot effect the passing of sentence, however they can read victim impact statements now.Which they can read to the perpetrator of the crime.

    There was a infamous murder in Japan a few years ago. This young English woman was working in bars, she got drugged, assaulted and murdered. The family campaigned for years to keep it relevant in the national news so the police in Japan would be pressured in to investigating, rather than sweeping it under the rug.
    In time someone was arrested, the father of the girl murdered took 'blood money' and the killer got a lesser sentence.
    But this was a divorced family, the mother and girls sisters insulted him in the press. And he is despised in England for taking such a large sum on the back of his daughters death.

  9. It's quite fishy if you scrutinize the flow of the case and the sudden twist but yeah, we're not the immediate families of the deceased so let it be? May be. May be not.

  10. I think it's great when families can get together to solve their problems without going to court, but this makes your legal system unpredictable and confusing and i image this causes more problems than going to court.

  11. Nice post ;)

  12. wow! This is a good thing, thank you for sharing.

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