Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dupatta (boob) story.

It is just so amazing to read  How Complicated Boobs Are!, a comic illustrated by Coleen Clark, dealing with  coming of age experience, and the constant commentary women receive about their body parts.

While recalling her memories of her puberty, she says remember being entranced by breasts because they represented adulthood and independence to her. She  told the Huffington Post. "I remember seeing the power they had over people, and the bigger the better!"

"You start out happy that you have no hips or boobs. All of a sudden you get them, and it feels sloppy. Then just when you start liking them, they start drooping.”
― Cindy Crawford 

We all have our own stories of growing up, memories of puberty and coming of age experiences.

 My stories, memories and experiences  are tag different.

Actually, I  don't  give a damn about it, and no one else should give either!

I was happy without them, I am happy with them. I don't  mind if they jiggle, or they drop.

I love my boobs and everything. I love myself.

Being a woman, and this a a normal natural part of my body, just like any other part of  my body. Some have big one, some have small one, according to their height, structure and weight. If people get hyper excited at having them, seeing them, or even reading that B word, then  I can't do anything about it.

I know   people go through a lot and think too much about their body image. We all go through this. A normal thing.  All you have to do is be natural and free, love yourself and don't over think it ( or anything), because whether you have this thing big, or  that thing small, people will make you crazy, no matter what.

 It is all about reconciling with your body, and accepting the way it is, because whether you accept it or not, in some area you can do nothing. The sooner you accept and reconcile, the better.

Other options are surgeries, boobs enlargements, injections etc, etc, which I don't know much about. Though, all I know is that, the reduction and enlargement job only make them fake, and fake things never look good on anyone.

Like, if you are big, and plump, you will have big plump boobs, and they will jiggle, naturally. Let them jiggle!
If you are petite, you will have small one.What's the  big deal !

You know, sometimes we women make things complicated, which are not that complicated.

So yeah, as we are taking about boobs and its memories, all I remember, when I hit puberty and started having them,  I just got a bra.

Went to the  bar store,  with my mom and had one. No awkward feelings at all, no excitement. It knew it was happening. I knew, whatever happening to me, after this I am no longer be able to  wear skirts, frocks, sleeveless and jeans anymore (outside my home).

So, only thing that  happened, with having boobs and bra,  I started wearing a duptta in school and at home, in front of my dad and every other men,  like this.

 That's it.

And, I was actually happy about it. It meant, I was going to be a big girl.

I   was fascinated by  dupatta, because to me it was my idea of   adulthood and independence.  I desperately wanted to be a big  grown up woman (now regretting), so I could wear one.

 I still remember when I was in 1st, and 2nd grade, my target was to pass these grads and anyhow go to grade 3, so I could wear V-type dupatta. And when I was in 5th grade, I wanted to wear those big dupatta, like  senior girls used to wear.

And in that desperate wanting to be a adult, grown up, big  woman, I never really thought when will I have  boobs? when I will wear were bra, how big they will get? or people  will  staring at my  B_OO_bs, etc, etc!

 They were no where in the picture_______only  dupatta as you can see/read.

It was   more important than bra to me. Bra is under your shirt/kurta, on the other hand  it is  to cover your boob.  It is our way of rescuing  our boobs from sick staring eyes.

Maybe that is why,  I have no feeling or any memory  of bra  and boobs. All I was looking and observing was dupatta around me.

Present situation:

These days it so damn hot, and only guys are lucky. They can take of their shirt and roam around without any second thoughts or having issue of boobs. They have  boobs too, thing is that, they are  so damn  flat and  they don't make them an issue.

Just joking.

Imagine  man with boobs_______my god !

I was never shy about my self before, neither I am now, just that my dupatta has gone up to my neck instead of covering  my boobs. I have good and satisfied relationship with them, I guess. I just wanted to find bras and clothing items that actually fit me correctly. In home, you will find  roaming  around without a bra (of course, I'll be wearing a shirt, pagal !).


  1. wise words and sensible! Not often do you find people with such a simple attitude - keep it up

  2. Interesting. As a man I think I'll just keep my mouth shut.

  3. Ha ha , Ifra what a post:) Truly handled the subject so well!

  4. You always write honest.
    I am satisfied with mine too even though they are small, who cares..

  5. Yeah, but sadly loads of ladies out there have submitted themselves too much to others (read: men's) perspectives on how they should appear and look like.

  6. OK. My turn. HA!
    After my next sentence you will see nothing but blank page, got it?

    NOW, I will share my wit and wisdom on this topic.

  7. OK, I was joking, Ha. Izdiher, yu have exhausted the topic thoroughly, with your views. Alway i have wondered what a waste for people to spend MANY thousand dollars for this operation, which is NOT 100% successful, nor permanent. GIVE THE MONEY TO A POOR MOTHER OF FIVE KIDS who has to sell one, to feed the others!

    This is the reason I like yu, girl..and so many others admire you also. You are completely honest. With honesty there is no "mostly" or "only lie a little bit". Honesty is ALL or it is NOTHING! Your total truth (as you see it) makes your relationships with people unique, You are a rebel of sorts. A religion, culture, ruler, leaders, even parents--cannot force our minds to think other than what we think, or what we keep learning, knowing.

    In the end, there is but ONE truth. There can be ONLY one truth, otherwise it is a lie. This is not to frighten you, me, or anyone...for God judges quite differently than humans.

    Keep up the good work. Read and "talk" to God in other ways than just "other men's" prayers. It is a pleasure to know you--and a blessing.

    I am free and happy person, and hope that also for you. After all, we are commanded only to "seek" God...not FIND this earthly life.

  8. It's been a while, but your honesty and self-confidence never ceases to amaze me.x

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