Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't you dare to ban Chingchi !

There were  hardly few Chingchi  rickshaws on road today. Those who were, they were choked full.  So I had to  take  an auto  rickshaw because no buss go, where I go,  and paid 80 Rs/-

Of course, it is too much for me. Chingchi in under my league, and when for the same route  I just have to pay 10 to 15 Rs/-, why on this Earth,  I pay 80 Rs/-

No, wonder Karachi has become a Chingchi city due to lack  of public transport, but another reason is, it is cheap, safe and convenient for many______and I am talking about many normal, middle class  Karachi people, like me who can't afford car with driver. We  also  have to travel, so we travel  by it,  and don't feel any shame. 

So, yes, I don't give damn whether this mode of transportation   is unsafe or creating problems in traffic's flow, damaging roads, or  motorcycles  in these rickshaws are stolen. These are not my problems.

All I know is that, it is  one of the best  transport (over here). Easily available, airy, convenient, safe and cheap. And  I don't have to wait for the overly crowed buses, neither have to bargain with auto rickshaw's and taxi's drivers. Taxi and auto richsaw's fare are  illegally high in my opinion. You gotta   bargain with them for some 10 minutes before  going anywhere. Sir, I don't have this much time.

It is good for short routes. Women and  esp school going children use it conveniently and without any fear.

And before  banning it, without thinking about passengers, and any suitable alternate  for them, any one ever thought,  where these drivers would go? This is called kesi ki rozi roti py laat marna. Do you know there  are 15,000 to 20,000 Qingqi rickshaws in Karachi. Where will they go ?

Buses will become over burden once again, like they were. 

 And these allegation are from those(us)  who don't even have a proper organized traffic system in such a big, maga, overly populated city. This is from where, where one just has to  give 50 to 100 rupees to a traffic warden and get away where ever one wants. 

Lets suppose  they are using stolen motorbikes, don't you think it was concerned authority's responsibility to have a check on them from very first day. When this started, it  was no issue, like they didn't know these bikes are stolen. Impossible, this is Karachi, OK. They knew it very well. 

They knew they were without  registration numbers and any proper driving licenses  from the very first day but never took any action then, however, now outta blue, when it has   become a part of our transport system and some people's livelihood, it hit them it is illegal, unsafe, and blah, blah.

The allegation that they are  unsafe, creating problem in traffic's  flow  and damaging roads are also total rubbish. 

Buses and other vehicles in Karachi are equally  dangerous and unsafe. Tell me,  is it OK to travel at the roof of the bus, or die in suffocation inside it?And who  doesn't know the way  our bus drivers drive. Bikes and care are no such different. The whole system is like that from the God knows how long.  The roads have been in ruins since I was born. Traffic jam is every day's problem. Why not ban every vehicle? All problems will be solved.

And lets suppose they are only one who are causing problems, still, there must be some way to have certain  routes for them , in which way they wouldn't create any problem for other "very good transport" of Karachi. 

And despite the ban they are on roads. So, all the measures, traffic police took  to ban it,  proved  epic fail. 

If they are so eager to solve this problem,   better  to legislate  it  or introduce something reasonable, cheap, and convenient alternate  for us. Bring out more buses, and control the auto rickshaw fares.They have to make bigger and better roads, introduce the light rail transit (LRT) system and enforce traffic laws. However, our government cannot think properly and, instead of solving issues, they impose unjustified bans.


  1. I remember a previous post of yours talking about rickshaws.
    It's very annoying when you have to go to work/school and there are transportation issues.
    In Greece we had a lot of strikes of public means of transport on a daily basis, and it was a mess.

  2. I hate transportation issues. Sad that the government thinks that way.


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  4. I agree with you, it will be again such a pain travelling standing during the whole path in a fully loaded bus after tiring day incase they ban chingchi.

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  6. "Sad when a government thinks that way..."
    But DAMMMIT, we ARE the "government"! It is US who allow people to rule. If we just sit back and do nothing, then we have what we deserve...whether buses or a right to vote in free elections--without fear or threat.

    I know all this from the REALLY inadequate ruling powers in my country, the US. We still have freedom(s), but these are being eroded fast. And sad part is, the people do not realize or recognize what is happening. Soon we shall be riding in rickshaws, and then only taxi, and then "ride a horse or walk to work" like people did 200 years ago.

    I am DISGUSTED with my country's government, and with the laxity, complacency of the populace.

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  8. transport prob will always be a problem no matter what


  9. i can really understand your emotions while paying 80:P..

    Missed all my blog fellows so much.


  10. Congrats Ifra, that this post is published in the newspaper! Keep up the good work:)

  11. A good transport system is essential to modern day life.