Sunday, October 27, 2013

Polio free Pakistan.

We all know what  a disease dubbed Polio can  do to you.

In Pakistan, we are still having Polio cases. Reasons are:
1) Some  people have this fear, it has haram elements in it, so it is forbidden.
2) It is funded by the west, esp CIA. All the  polio workers are western spies.

Both above mentioned reasons are result of pure jaheeliat. This is ignorance and nothing else. 

Mostly polio's  workers are lady health workers who are from lower class,  underpaid, still for money  go door to door, do their work like slave, and in the end, after all their efforts, some threat them for doing haram work,   attack their teams, and gun  them down if they don't stall.
(According to the reports, till now, some  6 women has lost their life in the line of duty ).

Sorry, we can't have  Polio free Pakistan with this mentality.


  1. That's very upsetting, dear.. Hopefully things will get better in time. The understanding vs misconception.

  2. In due time... Yes, we're all aspiring to have a Polio-free societies!

  3. This is very sad indeed. Being a nurse, I sometimes deal with people who refuses treatment for some lame reason that they heard what people say...I know, Medicine has not always been successful, but a lot of lives or health issues has benefited from it....

  4. It's very sad. I'd heard that polio workers were recently killed in Pakistan.

  5. Izdiher, I had read that 3 countries in the world are NOT free of polio disease. I wondered why Pak was included. Reading your article spurred me to research, and I discovered what you wrote is true, except that CIA does NOT "fund" polio vaccine in Pakistan. Sorry.

    But CIA, in their fever to kill Osama Bin Ladin DID arrange to inoculate the children of Bin Ladin (with the real serum) and at same time grab some DNA from them. In this way they proved that B/L was living there, free as a bird (in a cage?).

    It is unlikely that the actual medical workers are spies, any more than YOU would be spy if you came to USA--you tell people what you see? Maybe?

    The fact that medical workers have been killed (by Pakistani Taliban) in several cities this past year seems to be true--I would not apply for that job!

    Here is where I have been reading:

    KUTGW, Izdiher!!!

  6. Hi Izdiher! Polio is a curable disease. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. If the government cannot afford it, I pray that other private organizations such as WHO and UN will assist your country in this fight. My country is facing a similar battle.

  7. Wish the country is fee from the scourge!

  8. Absolutely incredible............... They say ignorance is bliss, I don't think so!

  9. there is a sad movement in this country (USA) to some vaccinations because they blame it on other issues, like autism. The link was disproven, but there is a real movement so many things that are gone, may resurface.

  10. hope Pakistan becames free of Polio, in my country(Somalia) we just had a polio out break that started from Nigeria(noth of Nigeria is muslim) and they think that it is the westren way of sterilizing Muslim children, how idiotic and now it reached eastren africa and we are(Somalis) Nomads so it is hard to vicinate a nomad kidS cos they are not sedentry. SAD.

  11. Hope everyone gets vaccinated, disease free should be a human rights issue, no one should get sick.