Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's in a name ?

This week, my second letter to the editor, also got published in the local newspaper, Daily Times. But this time they made a cartoon about it too ;).

What’s in a name?



My God, your God — they are the same God whether one believes this or not, so what is in a name? Allah is the Arabic name for God and has always been used by Arabic-speaking Muslims, Jews and Christians without any problem. We, the Christians and Muslims, both believe in the same God so why can we not both call him by the same name? However, this has become an issue in Malaysia where the court has ruled against non-Muslims using the name ‘Allah’.

This is very sad because, once again, we are making a mountain out of a molehill at a time when the Muslim ummah is already going through the wringer. This might be Malaysia’s personal or political matter but it is only portraying us Muslims as angry people who cannot stand other people using the word ‘Allah’.

 Link: What's in the name ?
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  1. Same name and many problems around it. I don't understand why.
    Well done for the publishing!

  2. Congratulations Ifra! Best wishes for Id:)

  3. Does it matter what He's called, so long as the name is used with love and respect?

  4. Congratulations!
    Ugh, our community always seems to focus on the non-issues and completely avoid the issues that actually matter. humph.
    Great post :)

  5. yes, the same God and it's not a big deal for me either : )

  6. The same thing over here happens. Some Christians believe that Allah isn't God and you have to explain it to them.

    Dear Ifra.
    Ah! The same! Always there are those Billions people, who wish to manipulate and confuse. Do we all not realize there can be but ONE "truth"? There cannot be TWO truths, because one of them must be false. (I am not talking about "Trinity--a Triune God")

    So when will we learn to "Live and Let Live? In the end will BE that One Truth. If some are confused--or trying to confuse others--it is THEIR lack of conviction--doubt--which prevails. If there are gods we have invented, dreamed up, or appear to be...or, as some believe (scientific PROOF--grin!) that there is NO god, it means only that it is NOT YET THE END!!!

    Ifrah, thank you for posting this--and other really important issues. When one has truth, it behooves to allow others opportunities to believe (maybe in their own slower time?--grin!). That does NOT mean to force or ridicule their belief.

    After all, God IS in charge of the whole thing, our Universe, both the known and the unknown!
    PEACE and LIGHT, Ifrah.

  8. I agree, same God but different names.

  9. Very well said, underneath our skins we are all the same and we all come from the same divine energy.