Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Woman/flowers:Do you know why women like flowers so much? It is because they are flowers.

A flower is the female of the plant world. A woman is the female of our world. They have the same biological function. Like flowers, females of our species are naturally beautiful and attractive. They have to be to propagate the species. A flower has to attract bees to reproduce and create new life; a woman needs to attract the males of our species to reproduce. They are good at it, as our ever-growing population attests. Over 14,000 human babies are born every hour.

Women are life: Women do not just create all new life physically, they are life itself. It is what makes them so beautiful. It is what makes children beautiful also.

Women are love personified: When women see the truth, they will be love. The mind/man has just diminished them and cut them off from true life. Women are not in touch with what they truly are. When women see the truth, they will blossom spiritually before most men will. Women are naturally closer to true life than most men are. There are a few exceptions to that rule, but not many. Men are naturally closer to the truth; women are naturally closer to the life.

Men naturally live more in their minds. Women naturally live more in their bodies and the present. In general, men think more, and women live more."
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  1. Very true, women are like flowers in every way, Ifra:)

  2. But isn't thinking also part of living?

  3. I've never thought that women are like flowers...
    Nice thought.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  4. True that! Women are like flowers which make the world look even more beautiful :)

  5. Women are flowers. They are at the core of life, beautiful and wonderful. Surely a bit of thinking is good in this world, but good thinking and it seems so rare nowadays!
    Stay well Izdiher and thanks for this nice post.

  6. I would love to become a red rose. ;)

  7. Yes we are life flowers. Likey this much :)

  8. Here iam, following you from Greece!...
    You said if you only could understand what i was expressing in my article (bad translation, i know...:( ) Well, it was all about women and their sexuality.
    Something like this, beautifull written post of yours.
    I really wish you follow me back also, as you said! :)
    Take care!

    Eva, {Jajala Majala}