Saturday, November 2, 2013

Drone attacks.

Yesterday,  a US drone strike killed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commander Hakimullah Mehsud, was quite a big breaking news. Once again our local media got something to talk about. Almost every one  started over reacting, and called this  strike as a " attack on the peace process."  To make nation happy, government lodged drone protest with US ambassador. Imran demanded to stop NATO supplies. Opposition parties putting pressure on government  to review relations with US.

Media is  totally misinformed, misguided, or Pakistan government is playing game, otherwise there talk shows wouldn't be that childlike. It is very crystal clear( at least to me)that  these attacks  could be stopped the next day, if Pakistan wants it to be stopped.

First off all,  it is totally a diplomatic issue, which has been turned into a national issue. Second thing,  rack your brain for 5 minutes, how can any one enter in your country without your permission and do drone attacks?
No one can. (If can, let me know. Perhaps, I am wrong.)

If they do it,  it will be an  attack, and this means a war.  What they are trying to say is that   America is attacking Pakistan, and Pakistan is trying to talk her in to stop these attacks. 

Sorry,  it is not making any sense to me. How can America attacks us, and we  wouldn't  be declaring  it a war?

 In the end, I  would like to add -Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy's quote:
"Pakistan has many more drones than America . These are mullah-trained and mass-produced in madrassas and militant training camps. Their handlers are in Waziristan, not in Nevada . Like their aerial counterparts, they do not ask why they must kill. However, their targets lie among their own people, not in some distant country. Collateral damage does not matter."


  1. Many Pakistanis are killed by the Taliban. Maybe Pakistan shouldn't hide and protect them.

  2. There's a saying in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language), "Gunting dalam lipatan", which roughly means "a pair of scissors in cloth folding", something hidden that can cause extreme damage.

  3. A very good and thought provoking post and a great quote!

  4. Interesting, the Pakistani point of view, newpapers include, as opposed to "Izdiher logic".
    Will comment later.......

  5. i will only say that i support your point of view. It makes more sence than most of everything else i have heard