Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is X-mas prohibited in Muslim countries?

There are so many fitna people around us who are always ready to spread fitna and stir hate among people of holy books.

Couple of days ago, at one  Christan Muslim form on Facebook, one Hindu posted this question: is x-mas prohibited in Muslim countries?

 I tried my best to explain but it was of no use. When hearts are so dark, you can do nothing at that time. It is not their fault either. Some Muslim scholars have also played their role in making this situation worst by giving fitwas like it is un-Islamic to even wish Merry Christians.

When we says Jesus /Isa (peace be upon him) is also a messenger of Allah, son of Bibi Marry, then how come it is un-Islamic to  wish merry Christmas? 

Sad, sad how  they have forgotten it is written in the  Qur'an from the holy lips of Jesus Christ: "Peace on me the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life (again)"! (The Quran 19th Surah - Surah Maryam )

 There are other many misconceptions among Muslims like whether they should east and drink with Christians or not, etc, etc, which most of them are merely misconceptions and nothing else. Our scholars didn't even tried to tell the truth that if food and drink is halal it is allowed to eat with them or with anyone..common sense !!!

I ain't saying Muslims should celebrate Christmas, but please don't spread wrong message.
Christians are our brothers and sisters and they have every right to celebrate their prophet's birthday if they are living in the Muslim majority countries.

 I also can't speak  on the behalf  all the Muslim majority countries, but here in Pakistan  it is not prohibited to  celebrate it. However, due to so much terrorism and fear they have eased off their activates. They don't show off much. One of my Christan friend said they have restricted their  wedding ceremonies to Saturday only, so my Agh khani friend said they also don't do any masti ahala gulla(fun) anymore because of the same security reasons. they are scared, so are we.

Despite that Christians and other non-Muslims  are very peaceful and patriotic Pakistanis.To be honest, most of the time they proved to be better Pakistanis than Muslims Pakistanis.

Some photos of Christmas celebration in Pakistan, I borrowed from the Express Tribune's album "Pakistanis into the Christmas spirit"


  1. It's great to know your thoughts about Christmas. You are such an open minded person. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you for your post. I have wondered about it but never really knew someone to ask. Also I smiled when I saw the Santa's.

  3. It is truly heart warming to read your comments and thoughts on Christmas, love the images!

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I think it's the first time I read such nice words towards a Christian Celebration. Open-minded people like you Izdiher make a beautiful difference in this world and show us we are all brothers and sisters and should respect each others beliefs.
    Thank you.

  5. I wanted to add that you embody the spirit of Islam very well. May you be blessed and rewarded for your kindness and inner-beauty.

  6. ohhhh wow....
    thats a new window you have opened...

  7. What a beautiful message! Thanks for that :)

  8. Well said!!! I think you have a lovely way of explaining things, I just hope more and more people will come to understand! We really are no different.. and we are all brothers and sisters!! What I don't get is, (by the way, lovely pictures) is the whole thing about people who see a picture or a depiction of Christ and in the picture he's clearly a white guy, but people don't believe that since he was born in Bethlehem, that he was born white, most people believe that because of where he was born, he had to have been of a foreign race, but then why don't all the pictures depict his nationality? That's is my question and.. while we're on the subject, the white Santa, it's kinda like barbie dolls.. little white girls, want a white barbie doll, little black girls don't want a white barbie doll, they want a black one, mind you! So what in the world is this, "white Santa," doing in a Muslim country Maybe it's just me, or maybe it just goes to show how tolerant Muslims really are of us, "White folk," or, "American's." Or maybe it's about time, Muslims have a Muslim Santa! Or atleast one that looks like he's from around those there parts.. HAHA! And look at me, I'm just having all kinds of fun on your blog posts! Merry X Mas to you Yar and thank you for putting up with me!

  9. A Very Happy New Year to You...I love reading your blog...So keep Writing stuff...God Bless You...:):)
    Have a Wonderful Year ahead...<3<3

  10. i became aware some years ago from another Muslim person of how much Jesus and his birth are celebrated - it is good to see you also share this so others may be aware!

    1. I believe it is our share our thoughts of commonness
      with all others we meet--in some way.
      I agree. Izdiher is performing a service by her sharing.

  11. you are teaching the world that all is not what we have been taught or led to believe about other countries and religions. Keep up the great work, you are such a special and gentle person...we need more like you.

    1. If YOU tell and show others what you (we) think, I will do the same (in USA).
      We fortunate to have Izdiher create this atmosphere of tolerance and

  12. I wonder why all these religious issues even exist when every human being born, breath, eat, excrete, reproduce and die in same manner.
    I feel really proud to say that while in hostel for our education we have shared a same room with Christians and Muslims. Well, not only sharing the rooms in fact along with celebrating each others festivals we have also had eaten food in same plates as well. In spite of doing all these things none of our god were angry on us and none of the god punished us.
    I think people need to grow up and believe in humanity more then religious restrictions. The world would be a more peaceful place.

  13. Izdiher, you write as the philosopher you ARE. Never--NEVER!--stop writing, or sharing your views on all things.

    Where God can only be found, is deep down within each of us. It is only there where I may discover God. (That makes all himans quilt alike, yes?--grin!

    Sure, I practice a religion (catholic), but true spirituality is between God and ME...those are the two which will meet at my death, God and me.There will be no building in which I bow, or kneel, or beat my chest...just two of us. And the question will be, "Was I aware, aware of others, and compassionate?"

    Questions will NOT be, such as , "How many times did you miss church services, or forgot to bow, or kneel?"

    I have made myself ready to die, when the call arrives.
    NOTE: If I slip, fall, sin, God will tie another knot in my connecting string, bringing me even closer to Him.

    Izdiher, yu are marvelous to write your heart and soul out here like you do. I wish to do that also some day...
    PEACE and LIGHT, and Hap, Hap, Year 2014