Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A day.

My day was better. I am working fine, and ya Allah let me work  that fine everyday.

 Only one  test paper is  left to be submitted, I will do it tomorrow. I got up at time but in doing breakfast and getting ready, I left home with out moisturizing cream on and my cell phone. However I can live with out a cell phone but not with out a moisturizer (and sun block, there is not much sun these days, so no such sweat about sun block). All day I had this feeling, here I am gonna crack. lol

Even  our morning looks like a rush hour. Too much traffic. I was thinking about using pedestrian bridge, but it creeps me. I once used it at night and it creeped me to death. Astagfar...our traffic !

When I reached there AH almost gave me a heart attack" Miss, I don't where my  paper is !" ( paper I gave him to learn  for  the morning presentation my class was about to gave.) I was so there to kill him. Looked for that peice of paper everywhere in the class, in my folder(s), cupboard, in my purse, but it was no where to be found. How could it be found when it was in his bag !!!!!!And I got that panic I didn't ask him to check his bag. I wasted quite quality time to set the stage.Just comb my hair and run to the assembly hall. and handed them their placards.

Any way, Allah, Allah karkey my student gave presentation. And, it was OK. Ah, also managed   to do well.

My bladder problem was also fine, and I could had a good 15 minute nap in the noon. It hurts. Its been a whole month I have had any sip of tea, coffee and soda any spice or chilli. :(. I miss it so much esp when at night me and mom go for a walk and she had  coffer. I order soup.

This is one pulse of winter.Soup hop and coffee stall on streets  till late nights ;).

A had moved to near my place. From tomorrow I will try to catch her at bus stop. Maybe not. At  off  time , it is ok to be with her, but in the morning, no, I want to be alone.

We have good rapport. And she literary feed me with lunch she brings everyday. I don't take my lunch everyday. Beside her, another person who put up with me is R.

I am trying to add social networks site's icon where I am to my blog, so you could be with me there as well. However, till now it is a total disaster.


  1. Sounds like quite a day!!! But you seem to be in great spirits!

  2. i cant agree more on your moisturizer point.. Traffic jam its a routine now.. At peak hours usually there's a flow of traffic and everyone's driving so recklessly that makes me shiver... creepy

  3. Traffic jam is definitely one of the suckiest routine we all could have

  4. Interesting anecdotal account. Where do u live BTW
    Lovely way of using persons name letter instead of name.

  5. I can just imagine the panic wehen your student couldn't find their paper. I do hope you are feeling better and can enjoy your lunch and your friends company!

  6. i hate traffic too, once i almost vomit because of it.

  7. Traffic.
    It is why I always did enjoy my night work--11 PM-7 AM--b/c everyone was driving the opposite direction from me, so my way was pretty clear.

    Your blog is near like a diary. Interesting, Izdiher.

  8. hopefully things are much better n brighter by now

  9. i wonder what you will write after acquiring 1000 members :)

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  11. Great post, I hate traffic too, I prefer walking! :)

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