Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dolphin show, Karachi, March'4, 2014.

Dolphin show at Maritime Museum is  a big hit.

Almost every one talking about it.

It has 3 shows: one from 10 am to 11 am is for schools and disable people, two shows: one in evening and one in night are for general public and families. Each show is for one an  hour, and every show is jam packed, and why not? it is a well organized  conducting by amazing trainers, Faud Shreef from Egypt with Memo_ the sea loin, and Boris_the dolphin,and Inga  Strekach with Bulga whale as Stephen,  do their best to entertain us.

We had our booking  almost  20 days ago. When we reached there, around 10:30,  other  schools were already there. (We later found out every day some 10 to 15 schools come to see it).

 I have been to Maritime so many times, but I have never seen such crowd. Maritime was not looking like the Maritime. It was choke full with school kids, and their teachers. There was a long  queue from the main gate to the arena,  with a capacity of 2,000 persons and a large pool, which is 66 feet in length and 56 in dimension, specially build for it. It took some 20 minutes to reached the arena.

It was looking like we are never gonna reach there. However, kids were so excited, that queue, waiting and walking was jack  to them.

Finally we reached the arena.

Everyone settled down.

Show started with a  3.5 feet long, energetic Memo, a sea loin with its trainer, Shreef.

Its performance was superb. Every act was entertaining.

Then came, Stephne, a Bulga whale with its trainer Inga.

 It is 12 feet broad and 1 ton stressed in metric.

Last but not the least was, Boris, a dolphin with Shareef.

Standing up, for National Anthem.

Time to go home. Though we were tired, we had lots of fun to meet such intelligent, and mart marine animals.


  1. It sounds like everyone had a great time. Here in America these shows are under attack because the animals aren't properly taken care of but the animals in your photographs look well maintained.

  2. What amazing crowds and a great treat for the young a- nd the young at heart! Dolphins are very smart animals with fantastic relational and communication skills - it's good that children learn about them.

  3. I wish everyone could understand that no matter how far apart we are in distance or no matter how different we may think or believe deep down we are all the same. A smile and happiness of children and spectators is no different in Karachi, Pakistan as it is at Sea World in San Diego, United States.

    Maybe we need Dolphin Diplomacy. All government meetings with other governments must be held at the Dolphin Pool. Bet there would be more smiles and less arguments. Of course they all must sit in the front row and when they begin being childish the dolphin can leap up and shower them with gallons of water.

  4. Thank you, Izdiher! It was a lot of fun for me to attend the sea-animal show with you...through your photos. Good pictures! Excellent narratives (your words), glad I came to visit tonight!

    ALWAYS enjoy reading about your work with the children, Iz...and I like seeing school kids in
    uniforms. My belief...there is no higher calling in God's world--than nurturing, teaching, helping the spiritual growth of children. I bet you are very good at it. Takes a real good outlook on life, and great attitude, to be successful teacher. Please keep up the good work. Right now it is #1 in your life, your "calling"...and you NEVER know what comes from that--or what comes next. So do not project the future please--for your own good, live in the "now", the present, today.
    Blessings, Ifrah!

  5. Aww, this looks great. I'm sure the kids had a lot of fun :D

  6. Sounds really great... We had been to one while we lived in America. My girl enjoyed it so well.. :)

    P.S: Visiting after a long gap... Will peak into other posts as well!

  7. Dolphins a re lovely creatures and the post had some very nice pics too, Ifra:)

  8. Next time, let another use your camera,
    and take photo of YOU in the crowd. OK?

  9. Amazing, what a wonderful experience for you all.

  10. i wish i was there, it looks fun :D

  11. This looks so much fun. I recently visited Pakistan ( Karachi) just a week ago, and my cousins were forcing me to go to this place. But I have already seen this many times in Dubai. I am glad Pakistan is having such things to entertain the nation :)

  12. I have enjoyed your Dolphin Show. Every photo of the show is colorful and flooded with expression. Dolphin and their Trainer are full of sentiments. Everybody who is watching the show is fully engrossed in the show.We learn lot of DISCIPLINE AND MANNERS from these HONEST AND BRILLIANT animals.Thanks a lot for your Dolphin Show. I have also witnessed Dolphin show in USA and Bangkok.You can watch it on my video channel: "ucan-youtube"