Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wrong-way driving.

There is hardly any proper bus stop in Karachi. Almost after every ten steps people are standing at main roads, and waving  to catch their buses, auto rickshaws or chinchis, and these public transports  without any sense stop where there are people standing .

This is not my pet peeve. I am part of this system.  Baas na chaly I will make  them to pick and drop me from my home.

My pet peeve is when I am standing at "my stop"in a right direction, why these people who are coming from wrong way honk  their fucking horns? They should be ashamed of them selves. I am standing in a right way, OK ? They are criminal, not me !  I am not gonna move, can't they see?

 No, they don't. This is everyday drama. and death salay drive like that. They come from wrong way honk their fucking  their horn, I don't move. They honk again, I curse them and then move. I have to !

My stop is hill top marriage garden, Joher block -18, and if you are familiar with this area, you must have an idea how dangerous that cut is and how stupid people are. It will take them  hardly  2 to 4 seconds to take a  u-turn and get on right way, but they prfer to go wrong way.

Ayub uncle's son had died at Hill Top cut because of  one car was coming wrong way in front of his mom and sis.

Wrong way crashes  are proved to be way  more deadly than other crashes.

However, it seems like  people are never gonna learn, they are never gonna learn basic traffic rules. They are never gonna realize  how dangerous this fucking habit of not following the basic traffic rules can take someone's life?

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  1. It would be terrifying to be standing there and have a car coming at you the wrong way.

  2. Life has very little worth in the minds of some people.
    If ONE life is meaningless...then ALL life is meaningless!
    But logic does not compute in some minds.
    Take my government.....--grin!

  3. i guess that the predicament in many cities and towns in India too... hmm

  4. That issue really need to be solved and it will only be resolve if there's some kind of strictness shown by traffic police.