Sunday, April 20, 2014

Confussed Ummah (Halal Version of Happy Muslims)

The halal version of Happy British Muslim song on the, after editing the original one where British Muslims ( man or women, girl or boy, young or old, hijabi or non hijabi) were singing, and dancing in public on Willam Pharrel's track  Happy, is out. The original one has been taken down two days ago after  much  consideration.

The halal vid, where, now only four hijabi women (who were not dancing, just  their faces) are  left and only men are dancing is, Here! Its description  says "(Not entirely Halal*) version of the Happy Muslims video by The Honesty Policy. Simply trying to find a middle ground to express ourselves without using extreme means of music or women dancing in public."

Just after the release of the original one, a new debated started  in a town ( in the cyber world since last four days _And it is more annoying than real world): Is music halal or haram? can Muslim women dance in public or not ? Liberal Hijabis and its  supporters are calling non liberal hijabs and its supports  misogynistic, conservative, and  bigots.

The logic behind  all this  fuss  people give is that dancing in the public or in front of nah-marrahm is prohibited for Muslim women. It may cause desire to enter a man's heart, and that is actually basic reason of hijabi is, so that logic make some sense. One Dawah  guy from Cardiff  University, commented, " Women are far more attractive than men and men are far more easily attracted by a woman than the reverse. Dancing in hijiab  can lead to desire forming in the heart of a man, so it  is forbidden."

Another guy commented, "  There are Islamic music, Islamic singers, they are moderate, they use their voices to praise the God,  and that music don't arouse any vulgar desires in opposite sex, so it is allowed."

I dunno should I cry or laugh.

I talked with others too, and non- of them make any sense to me. Simple discussion  got deep, so I found it better to say good bye.  It is not so confusing to figure out is music and women danicng in front of nah maraham is really haram or halal.

Well, problem is not Music, and rulings about it. The problem is confusing  Muslims. Figure the rest by yourself.


  1. I get your point..

    I love the song but did not see this video because simply i wasn't interested :) hahaha! I dont know at some level some Muslims want to show the world that we are just normal people like everybody else because the rest of the world don't get introduced to that idea that often in the media and so on. I think the purpose of this video was to emphasize that point and that was just it..

    but you know just like any other production produced for an audience; the audience eventually gives opinions.. Some criticize and others love it and all the producers can do is just accept the various opinions even if some weren't very encouraging as in "this is Haram or halal"

  2. It is amazing how as human beings we complicate even the simplest and often the most beautiful of things.

  3. People like to complicate things. I don't understand why but it's how the world seems to work dear.

  4. Personally my dear, I'd cry. The whole ridiculous "I can't control myself, so you should cover" thing just really rubs me the wrong way. Strangely enough, I was reading an FP interview with a radical cleric in Jordan today. Amidst his discussion on why martyrdom is good, and how he wants to conquer all of the world eventually, he took the time to discuss why co-education should be stopped, but "gently, because the sinners just don't know and should be given the opportunity to see the error of their ways". So yeah, if it were me, I'd cry.

  5. Hi! many Muslims make their own interpretation when they themselves don't really understand what they are talking about. We have many similar cases in Malaysia. I remember once , just because I don't wear 'hijab', those 'so called Muslim men' lining up at the hostel corridor and shouting at me as 'naked girl!'. Shamed on them! I told my Dad to transfer me out immediately.I was 13 years old back then.