Saturday, April 26, 2014

It was too early.

Attack on topnotch journalist and anchorperson  #Hamid Mir, in Karachi on Saturday evening (April 19) while his car was leaving the airport was no doubt quite  shocking and sad. Every sane person  condemns this attack and all other attacks on every other journalists in Pakistan. 

According to news he is outta danger now. May he recover as soon as possible.

 However, what Geo did was quite unprofessional and irresponsible.  They telecast his  statement just after the attack which he gave earlier somewhere  in which he  alleged ISI to be  responsible if he were murdered.

It was too early to telecast  such type of statement. They should have waited for him to regain his conscious  and alleged whoever he wanted to alleged, in a proper press conference. GEO broke the news " In his early statement...............," and then his bro, Amir Mir, said the same thing and scooted out  from the scene. If Mirs  were telling the truth, they should have stick to it. He should have done a proper press conference and showed that statement whether in black or white, or in recorded form, in which Mir, alleged ISI.

 Nothing that sort of happened yet.

 His statement was a breaking news than an  attack on him, with out understanding the nature of the statement. ISI is a primer spy agency of Pakistan, and alleging them  like that   with out any proof was clear cut   insult to  Pak Army. It could have caused anarchy in the country.

His second statement  on Tuesday, April 24,  read by his brother outside the hospital is totally contradicting to  his first one. In 2nd one, he is  saying  that a few days ago some members of intelligence agencies came to his house and informed him that along with some other journalists, his name appears in a hit-list. This time he didn't mentioned ISI at all, just said  he had been receiving threats both from state and non-state actors.

Karachi police have registered an FIR against unidentified assailants.  

Why? why FIR is registered   against "unidentified" when he  openly said in his "earlier statement" ISI  is responsible if  he were  murdered /attacked? 

Problem is with our media culture as well. media groups are more concerned about rating and popularity.  They don't understand the concept of national interest. Most of the time Celeb journalists have their own mind set and history, sometimes they don't mind acting biased and immature. They have ego problem. They take side with whoever they want and support.   In their shows they keeping talking and talking, shouting and shouting, get emotional, sensationalize serious issues, talks without proofs.

 No one blame national institutions like we do. 

Hamid Mir is one of those journalist who over steps.

A journalists duty is to inform, not to get personal. They have to ask questions, not to put words in their guests' mouth.



  1. A free press is the hallmark of any healthy society.

  2. Oh that's an informative post. I actually heard about Hamid Mir being attacked but didn't get the time to have full details due to work.

  3. Some say our press (United States) is free, but that is not true. It is more like the rest of the world, concerned not with reporting the news (the TRUTH, that is) as it is concerned with numbers, and political faveore. This is not free, as we are not free to receive unbiased news reporting, as it IS!

    But we citizens are the gullible ones, not entirely faultless. HA! We are like the Germans in 1937-1945, just become deaf and blind to what REALLY IS going on in the country, the world.
    It certainly
    is (still) refreshing to read these posts by Izdiher, in which she speaks her mind, and the truth...hoping they are one and same.--grin!

  4. The same thing seems to be happening in Russia, lots of journalists who report on the links between organized crime and the government, or government corruption end up dying violent deaths.
    I think with the internet its somewhat easier to get information, but then its reliant on people having the free movement to report it.
    I always think England is a terrible place to live for news, we have press barons. Billionaires who own dozens of newspapers, so they control public thought- for those who like to be told what to think at least.
    But at least the murder of journalists is rare.
    Inshallah a murder like this happens once only and arrests are made.

  5. I only wish they identify the culprits.