Thursday, May 22, 2014

# Disgusting image of Steven Spielberg.

Recently there is a movement going on against Steven Spielberg  on social networking website:

Disgusting image of  Steven Spielberg  on recent hunting trip. Very disappointed in him. Please share at let people know WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. 

People are so out raged at him and sharing this pic with a message " We will not stand for this. " 

How could  he!

How disgusting !

 He is cruel and disgusting, isn't he ?

Well, before you call Steven Spielberg disgusting and save this animal and other innocent animals  from his disgusting act of hunting, allow me to rain your parade:

The animal  in that pic  is a #Triceratops, just a prop from movie Jurassic park not a rhinoceros about which people are outraged.

Sad part is that  we can't save them. They are no more in our world any more.

But more sad part is that people have this feeling they are creating awareness by   sharing that  specific  pic. Actually they  are  mocking   him.  Sharing things to create awareness is so common on social networking websites. It is good, but  in my humble opinion, we  really need to do some research and using common sense before sharing  every other thing.

About Steven Spielberg, I reckon  instead of mocking  him like that, we should be thankful for him for giving  us such an amazing film of all time. Most of us had no idea for what actually dinosaurs are before it.   It was ahead of its time and  still amazes us.


  1. Am i strange, but i recognized the creature immediately (was my "favorite dinosaur as a child) and thought it was just a funny image, not one that mock ant thing - oh well people are sometimes stranger than i!

  2. People need to chill out and get a life.

    I would have had the same pic taken of me if I had the chance. In fact I'd probably would have put on my hunting clothes and held my rifle.

  3. People actually thought this extinct triceratops was a rhinoceros? Well, very few people have actually seen a rhinoceros.

  4. oh my... that is a dinosaur, a friggin dino... how can people mistake a triceratops for a rhino? ("-___-)

  5. Only a fool would get hunting pictures clicked. Mr Spielberg is anything but that. People can be so oblivious at times, accusing someone without getting the facts straight.

  6. Are these real snaps??? i seriously doubt.

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  7. Haha, this is the bane of all social networking sites. People take a photo out of context and it goes viral only for people to realise much later what it actually was. x

  8. Agree what you wrote in the end , Ifrah!

  9. I cant believe he is so cruel, I say we all ban his movies, anyone who is that cruel doesn't deserve our money!!