Saturday, May 17, 2014

# Free Mariam Yehya

It's been quite a few days since , Meriam Yehya Ibrahim  case came forward. This 27 years old Christian Sudanese woman is convicted of apostasy and adultery  by a court in Khartoumand, Sudan.

She is excepting her second child so there will be no execution till she breast feeds her child, mean to say  she has two and a few more months. Lets see what happens in this time being.

As we all know she claims to be  a  Christian, brought up  by her Christian  mother, later married a Christian man by her  own choice. Only thing which is making her Muslim in Sudanese Sharia law is having a Muslim father  who  was absent from her entire life. 

From this angle her case looks very simple.  She is not Muslim, so there can be no execution or 100 leashing, even after two years and a few months. These specific Shria law and punishments are for Muslim people, aren’t they?  But still she is convicted, because Sudanese Sharia law didn’t consider her Christian  at the time of convicting her. To them she is Muslim because she was born to a Muslim father. 

People are discussing it . Muslims are defending their religion is peaceful. Others are openly calling Islam a violent and barbaric religion for punishing people to death and stoning in today’s world. 
So yes, people who are not Muslim will ask about it. They will question Sharia law and will never believe no matter how many times we say this is a religion of peace.

 Actually this is not their fault either. They say what they see. Nothing more, nothing less.  This time this is not from some ‘extremist minority military  group ” doing terror in the name of religion, or using religion.  This is done by a government, happened according to Sharia law.
However, no Muslim from any Muslim country protested against it. No out rage, no condemnation from any Mufti, scholar or Imam. There are many, but no one came forward and gave their verdict voluntarily about it yet. No one said officially in a fatwa style what Sudan's Sharia law is doing is totally barbaric.No scholar openly said she is a free Christian woman and committed nor apostasy, neither adultery. She chose to be Christian, and married a Christian man, an according to that these laws can’t be laid upon her. She should be free and left alone.  
Why I am saying “scholars’ because this is their responsibility to clear the misunderstanding, to tell the truth. They are the one who study religion, not us.  They have more knowledge about Sharia law and all that jazz. People listen to them. Follow them. They have  a very important role to play here. But are the doing their bit? 

No. they are not.  And no one would. No one would like to open the can of warms. Talking  about such controversial issues mean inviting your own death.  Late Governor of Punjab, did that. He spoke up against blasphemy law of Pakistan, got killed in broad day light by his own body guard. 

  People just leave comments on website and social networking sites   “this is not Islam.” 

Of course this is not Islam, it can’t never be like that. This is a religion where there is no compulsion. Prophet Mohamed (Pbuh) never anyone killed any for apostasy in his life time.  The punishment for leaving Islam is loss of certain rights normally guaranteed to Muslims, not death. He (peace be upon him) never forced  any one to choose Islam. Apostasy is mentioned 26 times in the Quran but yet there is no earthly punishment mentioned within the Quran.

But the problem is these are just talking. This is just  defending. And we have been defending and protesting from so long. Result? Zero ! 

In many Muslim States  punishment for apostasy is death. Scholars support this law.

That is why, no one cares  when we say this is not Islam, this is a religion of peace. No one will even care unless and until there would be no reform, and no action against these barbaric acts. 


  1. Nice interesting post :)

  2. Sorry. I do not believe a tag (#free her) puts muchj fright and dread into the hearts of Muslimmen. NO ONE STOOD UP? THAT is exactly what happened in Germany 1938-1945...create the SUPOER-RACE...(sigh) I'll leave it.........

    WELL-WRITTEN glimpse of the movie, Ifrah. And you explain somewhat the present situation with those religions who wish to push their inhumane laws on others, esp when it includes whacking off heads, chopping off hands, arms and legs, and brutality.

  3. Frightening that this can happen.

  4. Well, well, well, an honest Muslim. As you say, Muslims have been pretty quiet about this: No outrage, no protests and no sweeping condemnations. I did an Internet search and found exactly 3 condemnations on Muslims blogs.

    The problem is that this vile mentality is standard in Islamic countries and the sentence (and its rational) is based upon standard Islamic jurisprudence (all schools - sunny and shia).

    Actually, your prophet did kill for apostasy - and for many other reasons. He also is the one that ordered the killing of all those that leave Islam. Note also that the quran says to obey the prophet (dozens of times). The apostasy laws, like the blasphemy laws, are nothing but an evil device used to control people, both Muslims and infidels.

    Anyway, thank you for the post and for being the nice, caring person you are (and pretty too, but I'm too old)

    J. kactuz