Sunday, June 15, 2014

Being Human

I don't why some  people are that obsess with animals that they go to an  extend and start comparing the two totally  different creatures with each others. Yes, they have few traits which we have too. But they still are animals. We, humans, are not  like them. Our worlds are different. And we should never be like them.

 Their nature is different. They are designed differently for different tasks.They have their limitation, for us sky is the limit.

They kill  each other for survival and for food. They don't have concept of empathy, piety and charity for each others.  They only think about themselves.   They eat their own babies. Those who don't do like that, example our carnivorous  pet animals, is just because they are never exposed to that type of wild life. They are trained, and have been tamed,on the other hand  majority of them are fierce and wild.

There are domestic animals which we use.  Pets are definitely vulnerable, cute,  fluffy, companion to many, something fun to be with. Baby animals  melts my heart. They can't speak for themselves. They deserve  good treatment from us. It is their right. And we should do everything to give them their right, but still they are animals, never mind, and they should be remain like that!

Let them live  in  their world in their own way.

 I also find it offensive when people say we, humans are animals, esp, when they compare us with apes, monkey, gorillas or chimp.  No, we  are not like them at all, neither evolved from them or from anything like them at any point. Even though, in early ages we might be living like them, with them so closely in same place, we have evolved with time in our own way.   I don't look like them either, it's a plain  insult.

 Sometimes we  behave like animals. Don't wait to kill each others. It is because we are evil.

This war of evil and bad is here since this world came into being.  Some of us are destroying their habitat by polluting water and deforesting for own own selfish reasons.

 But just  because of few, do you think it is fair to forget all those people who are doing their bit every day for humanity?

 There are so many good humans around us too, who have been proving that why we are human. Our parent are biggest example of  unconditional love and sacrifice. They don't let us go just after we are born.  They are many other who  are making this world a better for other human beings.

 Humanity is not death yet.   At least, I  don't think so!

Take care of yourself and of other human beings besides other creatures around us.


  1. you have a thousand things to say and you say them well...keep speaking, there are people listening!

  2. And Izdiher...I am reading..and listening also, as are many you do not know. The Creator hears also and must be pleased that you are using the gifts with which He has endowed you.

    I admire how you communicate so well, using the simple words understandable by all. Do not need a dictionary to "hear Izdiher"...
    PEACE and LIGHT, Dear Peep!

  3. As a believer in Evolution I accept that humans evolved from a lower species. Science proves this. To say you don't accept the science of this is to reject the science that gave us cars and airplanes and medicine to cure diseases. We can't pick and choose when it comes to science-it's an all or none preposition. I'm not offended to think I might have come from a monkey. I believe that , in many ways, animals are superior to us.

  4. I thing to often we human beings let the animalistic part of us take over instead of our higher spiritual self which is in harmony wit creation.

  5. Loved this post! But I think nowadays humans are much more dangerous than animals. Atleast God (Allah) have designed them this way to be wild and fight for their food and survival. But there is no dangerous species than humans. Atleast animals hurt other animals without any intention and to survive, but we humans are hurting each other on purpose and not feeling bad at all.