Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fake Facebook Profiles.

Pakistani man has this ability to make a fake profile with  female pics and female names on social networking websites to make others fool for long period of time.

Facebook is full with such type of profiles.

 One group is  who  steals  normal average Pakistani girl pics for making friends with other guys. Some guys wanna have girls. It is not easy for them to have them. Fb is their space. There are lots of sexy pics of females on internet, but they are no fool.We don't play like that.  They steal normal pics to make it sound more real.

This why  many Pakistani girls still feel scare to upload their pics.

Some do that for fun to make their male friends fools.  Pranks, you know!

One of my friend told me she saw her cousins  who are studying in Sazbit and other pvt expensive educational institute having albums of normal average girls pics on PC. Allah knows what they do with them.

I wish no one has this much frustration and desperation in his/her  life for women. I wish Allah give every one sat least three sexy female friends. Say Amen together.

 Other group is those educated  man  who are on groups religious and political pages disusing related stuff. They are mostly  non- Muslims victim of Muslim's supremacy.  It is so obvious from their talk how educated,  well informed and hurt they are. I can understand their pain.

I can't imagine leaving a single comment to those group's post, even if they are compelling me to do so. And if  I left, I would immediately remove them. What if they harm me !  They can.

Every man can. They are prone to harm women in different ways. Sorry ha!

Then there is another group of males who keep two profiles like two cell numbers: One for family and one for friends and (female friends). They are I-am-so-sharrif-with-sharrif-sisters-how-can-I-have-female-friends type man. They don't change their names neither steal pics. They are there with their real identities, just with two profiles. May be not qualified for fake profile category but very important to be pointed out.

A man who can't keep you as  friend in his profile because of what ever fear is actually telling you you are not shareef like his sisters  who also have double profiles for their male friends. Bingo !


  1. How complex we can make things when deception is involved.

  2. TWO cell phone accounts? (profiles)...there is a saying which is appropriate:
    "If I don't want someone to know what I'm doing--then don't DO it."

  3. I'm really not a fan of Facebook and haven't updated my page in ages.

  4. So now...does this mean that not actually you, but really an older, well educated Pakistani man? Or does it imply that maybe I'm not really an American working in the KSA, but am really a Pakistani woman...hmm...probably best not to think to deeply on this one! lol

  5. Its there for ages and no one cares for it but you've lime light it I totally appreciate your courage of saying it out loud. Bravo!!

  6. I think that's just very rude. Anyone doing such things should go to prison for sexual harassment. But I can't deny that even in my country we have those sort of things where in people abuse the information they get from the internet. Some countries or provinces are still immature for the power of the internet which is why they use it in malicious.


  7. sweet blog!
    follow to follow?

  8. The internet can be difficult terrain, stealing peoples photos is fraud, but i think the authorities are only interested if a serious crime is committed, like financial deception.The art world is full of such deceit. I know its common for a lot of women to not comment on posts for the sexism they face or the men who harass their fb thinking they are irresistible. The internet reflects current society, since its current society who create the internet. Best thing is to keep a clear head online , its not always easy though. Great post, very interesting.

  9. This post covers the serious issue in ironical tone.Very nice work!Thumbs up!